What Is The Average Reading For Blood Sugar?

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Blood Sugar Level

The fluctuation of blood sugar (red) and the sugar-lowering hormone insulin (blue) in humans during the course of a day with three meals. One of the effects of a sugar-rich vs a starch-rich meal is highlighted.[1] The blood sugar level, blood sugar concentration, or blood glucose level is the amount of glucose present in the blood of humans and other animals. Glucose is a simple sugar and approximately 4 grams of glucose are present in the blood of humans at all times.[2] The body tightly regulates blood glucose levels as a part of metabolic homeostasis.[2] Glucose is stored in skeletal muscle and liver cells in the form of glycogen;[2] in fasted individuals, blood glucose is maintained at a constant level at the expense of glycogen stores in the liver and skeletal muscle.[2] In humans, glucose is the primary source of energy, and is critical for normal function, in a number of tissues,[2] particularly the human brain which consumes approximately 60% of blood glucose in fasted, sedentary individuals.[2] Glucose can be transported from the intestines or liver to other tissues in the body via the bloodstream.[2] Cellular glucose uptake is primarily regulated by insulin, a hormone pro Continue reading >>

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  1. Hope Springs

    I've just joined the online community, although I've "lurked" for about a year. I'm wondering how many times one can use the same needle on the glucose monitor before it needs to be changed. I'm sure this question has been addressed here, but a search didn't result in an answer. One book I read said that the needle can be used for a few weeks or, in my case, maybe longer. My doctor told me to test while fasting in the morning twice a week. So I'm thinking I can easily use the same needle for a month. Or longer?
    Thank you!

  2. abill

    I haven't heard of someone getting an infection from a dirty needle/lancet, but I guess it can happen. I irregulary test and use the same lancett, I can't remember the last time I changed..it doesn't hurt yet ..that seems to be my clue to change. others change it after every use. as recommended.
    this helped me getting my bloods back to normal
    Have you seen this?
    "I would cut the Sugars including fruit/juice. Starches, including breads, pasta, rice, potato etc. Use a home blood test meter, to see what will work.
    This gives a simple overview to how it works for me. The more carbs I eat, the more carbs I want. They don’t give up easy and it’s biochemical
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEayi6IBjZw&list=PLCD72F4109EDC4BD8&index=6 .
    an introduction to low carb
    http://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb .
    what to expect the first week, besides being hungry for the first 2 days, then it stops
    https://www.verywell.com/getting-through-the-first-week-2242037 .

  3. Lynn

    Hi Hope Springs,
    I change to a new lancet every time I test. For me, they're the cheapest part of living with diabetes. I would think BG readings wouldn't be accurate if the same lancet was used repeatedly.
    Also, checking just twice a week doesn't seem like enough - but that's my opinion. I check at least twice a day.

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Dr. Hilkovitz share what the ideal blood sugar level for women is. For more information on diabetes visit http://www.empowher.com/condition/dia...

What Are The Ideal Levels Of Blood Sugar?

A blood sugar or blood glucose chart identifies ideal blood sugar levels throughout the day, including before and after meals. Doctors use blood sugar charts to set target goals and monitor diabetes treatment plans. Blood sugar charts also help those with diabetes assess and self-monitor blood sugar test results. What is a blood sugar chart? Blood sugar charts act as a reference guide for blood sugar test results. As such, blood sugar charts are important tools for diabetes management. Most diabetes treatment plans involve keeping blood sugar levels as close to normal or target goals as possible. This requires frequent at-home and doctor-ordered testing, along with an understanding of how results compare to target levels. To help interpret and assess blood sugar results, the charts outline normal and abnormal blood sugar levels for those with and without diabetes. In the United States, blood sugar charts typically report sugar levels in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). In the United Kingdom and many other countries, blood sugar is reported in millimoles per liter (mmol/L). A1C blood sugar recommendations are frequently included in blood sugar charts. A1C results are often describe Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. ~A2~

    Hi all
    New thread time
    Previous thread

  2. kell-pea

    Hi TimTam 7, my check was just a quick scan in Ob office- he doesn't appear that worried, didn't arrange further testing/scans. He did comment that I only just scrap into GD when I tested with the "new" levels, under the old levels I wouldn't of been considered to have GD. Baby is big all over so not just tummy, legs are long . Since cutting out bread, pasta and cutting down on rice I have dropped 6kgs -I have taken it back to meat & 3 veg type main meals but I found I needed to eat smaller more often (every 3hrs) to keep levels fairly even -my snack between meals is normally an apple or some strawberries with a dash of balsamic. (fasting is normally around 4.5 and after meals is normally around 5.6 (only hit 6.1 after baby shower and eating cupcakes etc)
    My first was over 4kg (9.6oz) and very long (has been off the charts height wise since born and still tracking that way at 5yrs of age), everyone both sides of the family is around the 6ft mark (except me), my daughter was the smallest of her generation (4 cousins so far) and according to my pregnancy records from her I always measured a few weeks ahead.
    I am already booked for a C-section 5days before due date (I have pelvis issues that wont allow baby to engage fully or be birthed naturally) so unless something pops up in the next few weeks I don't think he will change that date.
    Fingers crossed for a smooth last few weeks and goodluck to everyone

  3. wally_23

    Hi just wondering if I can pop in here. Currently 8 wks preg with #4. I was diagnosed with gd at 4wks after a fasting blood test. My level then was only 5.2 which is .1.over the cutoff. I laughed it off really but now some mornings im getting levels as high as 5.9. Today its 5.9 again :/
    My after meals level is fine usually under 6.0 but sometimes under 7.0. My cutoff for that is 7.4 and ive only ever been over once after a big meal at the ILs.

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Diabetes: Blood Sugar Readings

www.CardioSmart.org What is a blood sugar reading? A blood sugar reading shows how much sugar, or glucose, is in your blood. A test of your blood sugar may be done to: • Check for diabetes. • See how well diabetes treatment is working. • Check for diabetes that occurs during pregnancy (gestational diabetes). • Check for low or high blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia). What are normal blood sugar readings? There are several types of blood sugar tests. Normal results can vary from lab to lab. Talk with your doctor about what any abnormal results might mean, and about any symptoms and other health problems you have. Normal values for adults who do NOT have prediabetes or diabetes Less than or equal to 100 When you have not eaten (fasting blood sugar): Less than 140 if you are age 50 or younger; less than 150 if you are age 50 to 60; less than 160 if you are age 60 and older 2 hours after eating (postprandial): Levels vary depending on when and how much you ate at your last meal. In general: 80 to 120 beforemeals or when waking up; 100 to 140 at bedtime. Random (casual): Target values for nonpregnant adults who have prediabetes or diabetes 80 to 1 Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. geekgrrl

    I'm curious to know if anyone has methodically tested their blood sugar. Most of the posts about blood sugar and food I've seen on various blogs seem to use some vague statistics from who-knows-where, plus with isolated foods rather than real meals. and I'd be really interested to hear some figures "from the horses mouth"
    I know they all vary person to person depending on your health status and so on...
    I'm wondering whether I should shell out and test my own. Eating mostly primal it's not a huge concern, but knowing some figures might help me resist when there is that odd temptation, as well as helping make better choices for the family.

  2. O_O

    Why don't you get your doctor to do a HbA1C. That shows over the past few months what your glucose is whereas the fasting glucose is at that moment in time. If those are good I wouldn't worry about them. My blood sugar is usually tested annually or semi annually along with other markers.
    My fasting blood glucose is 75. I can't remember the HbA1C but is was well within normal. I've never had high glucose.
    Unless you have blood sugar issues I don't see the need to shell out and test your own.

  3. Momto3

    My husband and I have tested our blood sugars and we are not diabetic. I've posted meals and corresponding blood sugars in my journal. My fasting blood sugar is usually around 84. A higher carb (primal carb like sweet potato) can get me as high as 126 or so. An all protein, fat very little carb will keep me in the high 80's low 90's. I think it's a good idea to test 1 hour post meals to see how you personally handle different levels of carbs. It was interesting to see that my husband was a bit more sensitive to carbs than I was. But that went right along with his health issues. Heart Scan Blog has some good posts on blood sugar levels and weight loss. I personally don't like my blood sugar to go above 100. 140 is what CW will say is the goal, but many people feel this is just way too high on a regular basis. Hope this helps. You can see the link to my journal in my sig.
    The cost for a monitor and some test strips was about $20. Once you use up the test strips in the kit and want to buy more, then it's pricey. But if you just want to see how your sugar is doing, test after a variety of meals to give you an idea.

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