What Is Normal Blood Sugar Before Breakfast

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Why Your “normal” Blood Sugar Isn’t Normal (part 2)

Hi, I just found this site and would like to participate. I will give my numbers, etc. First, my last A1c was 6.1, the doc said it was Pre-diabetes in January of 2014, OK, I get it that part, but what confuses me is that at home, on my glucometer, all my fastings were “Normal” however, back then, I had not checked after meals, so maybe they were the culprits. Now, I am checking all the time and driving myself crazy. In the morning sometimes fasting is 95 and other times 85, it varies day to day. Usually, after a low carb meal, it drops to the 80’s the first hour and lower the second. On some days, when I am naughty and eat wrong, my b/s sugar is still low, and on other days, I can eat the same thing, and it goes sky high, again, not consistent. Normally, however, since February, my fbs is 90, 1 hour after, 120, 2nd hour, back to 90, but, that changes as well. In February, of 2014, on the 5th, it was horrible. I think I had eaten Lasagne, well, before, my sugars did not change much, but that night, WHAM-O I started at 80 before the meal, I forgot to take it at the one and two hour mark, but did at the 3 hour mark, it was 175, then at four hours, down to 160, then at 5 hours, b Continue reading >>

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  1. rlrl

    5.7 is a 117, a 94 is 4.9. as i say the 94 is good since it's below your 90 day average but it's only a reflection of your glucose at the time the blood was drawn, not your total 90 day picture.

  2. Nanny Goat


    Originally Posted by yatinkamal
    I need help. I'm trying to reduce my Fasting Blood Glucose Level but it Never Goes Less than 94. This is constant past so many years.
    Recently I changed my diet, reduced stress, started heavy exercise. I'm eating all day long small portion of meals, vegetables and whole wheat home-baked pittas and fresh fruit.
    My Dad had diabetic and he died of acute myocardial infarction, heart-attack, so does that mean my blood sugar maybe genetic?
    What can I do more to reduce my Fasting Blood Glucose Level Less than 94? Lifestyle changes. Maybe your doc can suggest some things.

  3. yatinkamal

    These are my latest readings:
    Fasting blood sugar level: 105, 84, 91, 113, I took 4 times, so on average it's 98.
    After 2 hours: 95, 95, so average is 95.
    I don't have A1c kit to test my A1c but does these readings sound normal? Especially, after 2-hours reading?

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