What Hormone Does The Pancreas Release As Blood Sugar Rises?

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Ch 15.2 Hormones That Affect Blood Sugar

Sort Islet Cell Transplant Why? To be a treatment for diabetes; holds potential to reverse diabetes. +this transplant surgery is low risk, person goes home the next day. Islet cells are extracted from the donor and infused into the recipient's liver via the a large vein.Liver is used as it can regenerate itself. New blood vessels and nerves connect to the transplanted islet cells in the liver and they produce enough insulin to control blood sugar. -immune rejection as current anti-injection drugs are toxic and harmful to islet function What happens in fright-or-flight (short term stress response)? The nervous system and the adrenal medulla are linked in that they both produce epinephrine. The hormone producing cells in the adrenal medulla are stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system in times of stress. The cells in the hypothalamus send signals to nerve cells in the spinal cord. Spinal cord cells stimulate adrenal medulla to secrete epinephrine and norepinephrine. Result: increase blood sugar levels, increase heart rate, breathing rate, and cell metabolism, blood vessels and pupils dilate. ***short term stress: Adrenal Medulla What happens during a long term stress response? Th Continue reading >>

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  1. Michelle43

    Hi everyone. I am T1 for 40 years and had a colonoscopy yesterday. Because I am overweight my doctor wanted me to have general anesthesia. The procedure was easy (I don't remember a single thing about it) Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the anesthetic. Now I am having terribly high bg's (think 350 to 500). I am taking massive doses of insulin (using both pump and injection) and still having troubles. It's been about a day and a half. Can the anesthesia drug cause this? Will it (hopefully) be over soon? I'm frustrated and a little scared. Right now I am running a 150% basal and taking big corrections. If i could even get down to 200 I'd be much happier right now.

  2. Tim35

    We find stress will raise BG. So your stress on top of the situation may simply be adding on.
    My advice. Don't worry about how much insulin. Dose away. Whatever it takes to drop the BG.
    I would also place a call to the doc and find out which anesthesia then place a call to your Endo and discuss the entire situation.

    But in the meantime - dose whatever insulin it takes and try to relax.

  3. auntlisa1103

    Push fluids to help flush it out of your system, too. Total speculation on my part as I've never had a colonoscopy before, but is it possible the prep dehydrated you a little? Dehydration will keep your sugars high.

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