What Does The Body Do When Blood Sugar Rises

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How Heat And Humidity May Affect Blood Sugar

Hot weather does not directly alter blood glucose levels. However, sweltering temperatures affect our metabolism and the release of hormones. Heat and humidity influence how much and how fast we move, how much we perspire, blood circulation, the foods we want to eat, and the activities we choose to enjoy. Any of these factors, or a combination, might contribute to the experience of dehydration and blood sugar fluctuations. Six Steamy-Weather Influences We know when it is sizzling outside that we will sweat, and as the air wicks moisture from our skin the body cools. This cooling system works wonderfully as long as our body remains hydrated. If our body is low on fluids, the kidneys receive less blood flow and work less effectively. This might cause blood glucose concentrations to rise. If someone’s blood sugar is already running high in the heat, not only will they lose water through sweat but they might urinate more frequently too, depleting their body’s fluids even more. When the weather is tropical - hot and humid - the sweat on our skin cannot readily evaporate into the already soggy air. Our innate cooling system is less effective and the risk of heat exhaustion increases. Continue reading >>

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  1. Ashb

    Metformin and blood pressure

    Hello everyone!
    I just started on 500 mg of metformin and have been on it for about 2 weeks. Even on this small dose I do see small positive changes in my numbers. However, I took my blood pressure today and it is up from the normal (it is usually below the 120/80), and has been above each time I take it. I will get readings like 120/92, 130/87. Not alarming I know but also not normal for me.
    I have a machine at home due to the fact that while I was pregnant I had preeclampsia and had to monitor frequently (had baby in June). I needed to be on blood pressure meds a short time after delivery for blood pressure but was able to come off and then had normal pressure (unless I'm anxious, which always happens at the doctors, then it briefly goes up).
    So, can metformin raise blood pressure? Ugh, it's always something

  2. furball64801

    It has never raised mine, could just be your monitor or anything for that matter.

  3. jwags

    I am on the max dose 2550 and my BP is perfect if not on the low side, close to 100/70.

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How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Your Brain And What To Do About It

How blood sugar levels affect your brain and what to do about it When Diane Abbott came under fire over her poor performance in recent interviews , few people outside of her immediate circlewould have suspected that diabetes was a contributing factor. The 63-year-old Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago. Speaking to the Guardian, she said:"During the election campaign, everything went crazy - and the diabetes was out of control, the blood sugar was out of control." She said her brother had raised concerns after seeing her struggling: "He said 'that is not Diane', because ever since I've been a child I've had a great memory for figures, and he said he knew it was my blood sugar and gave me a lecture about eating and having glucose tablets." Diane Abbott experienced problems as a result of type 2 diabetesCredit:EPA/ANDY RAIN She added: "It is a condition you can manage. I am doing that now and I feel ready to get back to work." In diabetes, the body is not able to to produce or respond to the hormone insulin, which resultsin abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and higher levels of glucose in the blood. Some people with type 2 d Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. dwelldon

    how long after eating does blood sugar peak?

    I have just had a curry for tea, I tested my blood and it was 15.
    how long after eating does blood sugar peak?
    And how long will it take to return to normal?
    I am newly diagnosed so just looking for information

  2. Andy12345

    i believe it depends on what you ate but i also believe 45 minutes is a general peak, then 2 hours is how well your body has dealt with it, if i eat 2 slices of toast my numbers are way high all that day and even into the next, dont know why though

  3. mo1905

    Andy is correct. Certain foods peak at different times according to their GI. Ideally, you hope to get your BG levels down to pre-meal levels after approx 2 hours. Different people react differently to different foods also.

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Blood Sugar

Blood sugar measure the concentration of glucose (sugar) in your blood stream at a given time. There is a normal amount of glucose that's typically found in the blood of mammals (including humans); any levels that are above or below the normal range may indicate a health concern, and probably deserve futher investigation. Normal Range of Blood Sugar Levels A normal range for human glucose levels will vary depending on the person, as well as on things like diet and time of day. Someone who recently consumed carbohydrates will have a higher glucose level, since carbohydrates are how glucose gets into the body. Once it enters the body, a hormone called insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, releases itself into the blood stream to regulate the glucose amouont and keep it within the health range. For some people, however, insulin doesn’t release like it should and this can result in more glucose than may be healthy remaining in the blood stream. A normal glucose level will fall anywhere between 70 and 150 mg. Anyone whose level is consistently above 150 mg should likely be considered as having high blood sugar, which in turn could be both a sign of and a risk factor for diabetes Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. cheerleading wife

    How soon does Metformin start working?

    Hi there - looks like a friendly bunch of people here. My husband is newly diagnosed as diabetic or at least pre-diabetic. Either way, he's getting therapy for blood sugars that are not ideal. Oddly, he bought a meter and strips two months ago (because our friend did a random check on him which uncovered a problem.) Finally now he's been in to see the excellent doctor. The doctor was impressed that he's already been bringing his weight down (through semi-starvation, his high blood glucose is preventing him from losing weight at a reasonable pace even though he eats less than his slim, non-diabetic, smaller wife does.)
    So there's the background. His typical AM fasting readings are around 112 at best, some days 120 or 130. After eating the "wrong" things, it can go up to 178 or so; watching food carefully and exercising daily, "good" readings after eating are in the 120s. In general too high, especially the AM readings and the belly fat causing the problem of insulin resistance.
    QUESTION: The Dr. just put him on Metformin XR, 1000 mg. once per day at dinner time. He's only taken two doses (two days) and we hoped the effect on blood glucose would be immediate, but so far no change. I called a pharmacist and asked, and he says it takes at least 3 days to see maximum blood concentration of the drug, so be patient for 3 or 4 days.
    I thought I'd ask you guys, since you are the ones actually having knowledge of these meds, first hand. We have pinned hopes on this med. It will be sad if it does not work.
    THANKS!!! I'd just like to know if anyone remembers how long after starting to take it that they saw a decrease in blood glucose numbers. He's already doing everything he can throught diet and exercise (the doctor even said so.) So we're really hoping this med will work. By the way, he's had minimal but expected side effects re: the bathroom. Nothing too bad. Also been having some hot flashes and sweating episodes, but also more energy. THANKS AGAIN in advance.
    *by the way, I want to say that he did a home A1C test kit in the last two months and it was 7.0; in just about three weeks he brought it down to 6.1 as tested by his doctor. And this was before even seeing the doctor, without meds, just eating better, exercising even more than usual, losing weight visibly (thinner arms, legs, belly shrinking, but with 40-50 pounds left to go.) I've been reading around this site and he's reading over my shoulder, and we're so impressed by some of the progress made by people here (Jaclyn and others). He's very motivated, like you guys seem to be! Please excuse my American English! I see you're mostly English and I'll giggle at your phrases, you can giggle at mine! ;oD

  2. Jaclyn

    Hi welcome to the forum. Metformin takes about 2-3 weeks to start working. although his numbers are great in my opinion. his high 178 is high Im guessing its after dinner? Metformin help him from going tohigh and too low. hypo and hyper. With a good diet and exercise which hes already doing hell see a good change very soon. Also Metformin will help him drop weight
    What was his A1c? also he cant starve himself the body needs carbs so his brain will funtion. I dont know what kind of diet he is on but try and stay away from bad carbs until the Metformin kicks in. bread, pasta,potatoes,rice. I eat 45g of carbs 3x a day with each meal. and 15g each scanck 2x a day.
    for the side effects try taking the pill right before he eats. If that doesnt help try during and then after. Is he on the exchange diet,counting carbs?
    In the mean time relax hsi numbers are pretty grerat and sounds like hes already doing a great job! right now the best thing for him to do is test test test and see waht foods are effecting him.

  3. cheerleading wife

    Hi Jaclyn! We posted at the same time. I just added an edit above explaining the A1C, the last paragraph. Thanks for your interest and information! Your story in particular is inspirational. We'll be patient with the Metformin XR; we didn't know it took some time to get started. THANKS!!!

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