What Does It Mean To Be A Brittle Diabetic?

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The Adult Patient With Brittle Diabetes Mellitus

INTRODUCTION Almost all diabetic patients experience swings in blood glucose levels, which are larger and less predictable than in nondiabetics. When these swings become intolerable and cause disruption to the person's daily life and/or prolonged hospitalization, the person is labeled as having "labile" or "brittle" diabetes. Although brittle diabetes is uncommon (less than 1 percent of insulin-taking diabetic patients) [1], it can cause a considerable burden on hospital, social, and family resources due to multiple hospital admissions. The clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and management of brittle diabetes will be reviewed here. General principles of insulin therapy in diabetes mellitus are reviewed elsewhere. (See "General principles of insulin therapy in diabetes mellitus" and "Management of blood glucose in adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus" and "Insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus".) CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS Most experts would define brittle diabetes as severe instability of blood glucose levels with frequent and unpredictable episodes of hypoglycemia and/or ketoacidosis that disrupt quality of life. The unpredictable episodes of hypoglycemia and/or ketoacidosis a Continue reading >>

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  1. Jan74

    I think 10m after a fatty sweet thing like an ice cream sundae, it would be something around 85 or 90. Cause 10m is simply too soon to see a spike.
    The spikes in the CGM study, the 140s and occasional 160s, were at the 1h or 90m mark for the most part. 10m is not long enough to have done anything to anyone.

  2. SugarFreeze

    It's amazing seeing the numbers of a non D, I guess in my NEXT life I might enjoy numbers like that!

  3. wad mulla

    Being active all the day since 6:30 AM, my mother craved a really carby/fatty meal which she supplemented with a heavy dessert of gulab jamun( an indian dessert). She told me that she had a mild headache 10 minutes after this huge meal (not less than 160 grams od carbs) and immediatly requested a BG test. She was at only 6.4mmol/l. I asked her to check again 1 and 2 hour pp, at one hour she was at 5.6mmol and was back to 4.7mmol/l two hours after her meal. I hope she exchange her numbers with mine, how selfish !!

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