What Can Stress Do To A Diabetic?

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Does Psychological Stress Cause Diabetes?

Abstract Many patients believe that their diabetes has been caused by stress or an adverse life event. Whereas there is strong evidence that psychological stress is related to a deterioration in glycaemic control in established diabetes, there is much less evidence that psychological stress can cause diabetes in humans de novo. It seems more likely that psychological stress produces a deterioration in glycaemia in the non-symptomatic patient which in turn makes diabetic symptoms and the diagnosis evident. The pathogenic mechanisms which have been suggested to relate psychological stress to diabetes are described and reviewed. Continue reading >>

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  1. mariamagha

    Why stress causes Type 2 Diabetes

    This is an easy explanation of why stress worsen diabetes:
    Stress is defined as the body’s reaction to a change in the environment that requires a physical, mental or emotional response.The physiological reactions to stress begins with the perception of stress.The perception of stress results in an activation of the autonomic nervous system to react in emergency situations. Under a stressful situation, the human body responds by quickly mobilising its resources in order to get away from danger or face it.This instinctive physiological response to perceived threats is known as "fight or flight” (Cannon, 1932). The "fight or flight" is an incredible way of communication between the body cells in response to a perceived threat. This response is an instinctive and automatic reaction that prepares the body to "fight" or "flee" from perceived attack, harm or threat to our survival. The danger is perceived first by the eyes, which send signals to a part of the brain called “hypothalamus”, which in turn send a signal to the adrenal gland (in the kidney) in order to secret the stress hormones (called cortisol and epinephrine) that stimulate a rapid access to stored energy (fat and glucose) to help the body to react faster in an emergency. the cortisol facilitates a quick release of glucose from the liver into the bloodstream, and this helps to accelerate the heart rate, raise blood pressure and strengthen muscles… in order to fight or flee from danger.
    When the danger is over, normal people regain their normal relaxed state quickly because the normal body have the ability to secrete more insulin to restore the excess of glucose in the bloodstream back into the liver. However, human body may not cope with this process cycle, especially when stress persists for a longer period of time (in the case of chronic stress). As a result, the excess of glucose build-up in the bloodstream, causing hyperglycemia, and thus, Type 2 diabetes.
    I hope this can help understand how stress causes type 2 diabetes.

  2. furball64801

    Maybe some doctors should learn this plus pain most think its only food,

  3. PeterPumper

    I understand it. Of course, understanding it and being able to do anything about it are two different things.

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