What Blood Sugar Is Normal

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What Are The Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

this is in mg/dL, for the SI units we in Europe have switched to decades ago 18 mg/dL = 1 mmol/L. Know that the margin or error of this blood glucose determination is ±16 mg/dL if done in the lab see Fasting Blood Glucose - Type2Diabetes.com, using consumer home blood glucose test strips 95% of the results must be within 15% of the lab measured value see FDA Tightens Up On Glucose meter Accuracy. In 30 to 60% of those "pre-diabetics" over time will develop frank type 2 diabetes, so should start preventative physical exercise at least 150 minutes a week, and prevent overweight, if overweight lose weight, which can lower that risk by 1/3 to 1/2 (mainly depending on how much weight loss was achieved) according to large diabetes prevention trials see Implementation Science This paper Normal Fasting Plasma Glucose and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes shows that in people having a "totally normal" fasting blood glucose of 91-99 mg/dL the chance of them developing diabetes after 15 years is 25.86% instead of 3.54 and 7.80% at lower levels, so no sharp cut off, but a sliding scale. Continue reading >>

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  1. Paul Pacheco

    It heavily depends on what you eat and how long it was since you had the meal. Refer to this chart:

  2. Nandkumar Sanglikar

    Post meal sugar level for truly normal people can be up to a max of 120 mg. after about one to two hours. In most people, it hovers around 100 mg. This reading is irrespective of what you eat. There is different measure for fasting blood sugar.

  3. Mel Burslan

    There are different schools of thought on this but rule of thumb is to be able to keep it under 140, at the postprandial measurement.

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