Type 1 Diabetes Blood Sugar Before Labor

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Labor, Birth And Recovery

Although you've been dealing with gestational diabetes during pregnancy, chances are that your labor and the birth of your baby won't differ much from any other mother's. Getting ready for labor and birth Attend childbirth classes and read prenatal education materials. Learn about contractions, relaxation and breathing techniques. Practice these techniques with your partner or labor companion. Talk with your health care provider and your diabetes educator about what to expect during labor. Most women with gestational diabetes go through labor and birth without complications. If you've been taking insulin, discuss with your health care provider how insulin needs will be managed during labor. During labor Your blood glucose levels will be monitored. Sometime during labor, or perhaps shortly after your baby's birth, your level will probably return to normal. You and your health care provider may decide that a Cesarean birth is safest for you and your baby. Talk this possibility over in advance with your health care provider and with your partner. Include any preferences in your birth plan. Your baby's recovery During the first few hours after birth, your baby's blood glucose level wil Continue reading >>

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  1. jjas0930

    I apologize if this question has already been asked (I'm new and had trouble finding any answers when using the search feature).
    I am 38 weeks 2 days pregnant (first pregnancy). I have type 1 diabetes, wear an insulin pump (omnipod) and continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom). My blood sugar is well maintained and my last A1C was 5.4. I have only had diabetes for about a year and a half. I found out while I was trying to conceive.
    Last night before dinner my blood sugar went down to around the 40's. Strange, because usually I can catch it before it gets that low but this time I did not. I had to eat about 60 carbs to bring it up and it took over 45 minutes. Once stable, I ate dinner as normal and gave myself the normal bolus. However, after dinner I went low again. I caught it on the way down and ate popcorn (22 carbs...more than the ususal 10-15 that I would usually need to bring it up). Then again, before bed it started to go low so I really took advantage and ate some cookies and milk (35 carbs). I woke up 3 more times throughout the night because my Dexcom alarmed with low blood sugars. By this point I had turned my pump down 30% but I was still going "low." Each time I ate a snack and then returned to bed.
    Could this be a sign of labor? I have no other signs except that yesterday I felt the best I've felt in months. I see the doctor twice a week already. Next appointment is tomorrow.
    Has anyone else experienced low blood sugar before labor started? How far in advance was it? I'm really baffled how low I need to turn down my pump and whether or not this is just a temporary change.

  2. Tanikit

    I never went into labour with either of my children though did lose my plug the night before the induction with my first child (so labour was imminent). I know my blood sugars were not very stable the last few weeks before birth. They say hypoglycaemia can be a sign of the placenta deteriorating though I was going low with both children and while my placenta had some calcification it was otherwise fine. I am not sure whether lots of Braxton hicks can cause hypoglycaemia. Labour is also hard to say since hormones are changing and you are doing a LOT of exercise during it - which is probably why they use insulin and glucose drips during labour mostly.
    At 38 weeks and 2 days you could easily be going into labour but it could also be a couple of weeks away. If you feel any other signs related to normal pregnancy labour signs then rather go and get checked out at the hospital - they can do a stress test. Are you due to have an induction or C-section or has nothing been planned yet - how long will they let you go? Good luck for the birth and let us know how it goes - there really can't be much time left. Sorry I know I am not much help - things are too variable at the end for anyone to say much for sure.

  3. jjas0930

    I have an NST tomorrow and if that goes well, and I don't go into labor over the weekend, then they will set an induction date at my Monday appointment when I'll finally be 39 weeks. They don't want me going up until my due date (11/11/13).
    I'm just curious if the significant drop in my insulin requirements over the last 12+ hours warrents a phone call to my doctor, or if I can just wait until my Thursday appointment. They are very careful and would have me come in today "just in case" but I live an hour and a half away and it is getting exhausting constantly driving back and forth. I have had frequent braxton hicks contractions throughout the whole third trimester (sometimes strong and only 3-5 minutes apart). However, I've had none in the last 24 hours, which I find weird. I actually have energy and feel "good" so I am hesitant to call. On Monday I was still only a finger tip dialated with no other progress made.

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