Stress And Blood Sugar Levels

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Diabetes & Stress: How Stress Affects Blood Sugar Levels?

To succeed in any aspect of life, everyone needs motivation. Not many know but motivation is a form of stress, a positive stress though. It allows your brain to take actions which can help you survive and grow in this world. However, if the stress is caused by physical or mental strain, it can significantly affect a person’s body, and even brain. In addition, if a person is diabetic too, managing blood sugar levels can be extremely difficult during stress. Cause of Stress Stress can be caused by anything from excessive physical labour to emotional tensions in career, relationships, financial insecurity, loneliness, health or even traffic jams. Symptoms of Stress While mental or psychological stress may be tough to estimate from the surface, it may sometimes manifest physically in the form of any of the following signs. 1. Increasing Introvertedness and withdrawal from social life. 2. Heavy smoking or alcohol consumption. 3. Obsessive disorders like eating too much or too little. 4. Anxiety and fatigue. 5. Sleeping disorders In the following paragraphs, we shall analyze the relationship between stress and diabetes. Diabetes is caused by increased blood sugar levels in the body. Wh Continue reading >>

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  1. ali eletre

    Does stress affect blood sugar levels

    I have high blood presure some times became 180 / 130 .. & I have many stress in may work.. Thinking of ideas for my writing.. Dealing with people.. Many thing makes the high stress.. Does stress affect blood sugar levels for people with diabetes like me ?

  2. beauty416

    I have high blood pressure and it does not affect my blood sugar levels. I have had high blood pressue ever since I was 20 years old. I have only had diabetes for 8 years. The only stress that affects my blood sugar levels is when I get depressed and when I am sick and when I get upset. So the general answer to your question is yes some stress affects your blood sugar but not all stress.

  3. kashmere

    absolutely stress effects your blood sugar level my Dr's. always told me to stay away from stress. I know this is a very difficult thing to do. I have spoken with quite a few people that say Yoga is a really good way to deal with stress and meditation. Good luck

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