Sidekick Blood Glucose Meter How To Use

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© Copyright Prime Therapeutics LLC. 04/2016 All Rights Reserved OBJECTIVE The intent of the Glucose Test Strips/Disks and Meters Step Therapy program is to encourage the use of cost-effective preferred test strip/disk and meter products before the more expensive nonpreferred products. (Continuous blood glucose monitors are not included in this program.) The prior authorization (PA) process will accommodate for the use of nonpreferred test strip/disk or meter products when the preferred glucose test strips/disks or meters cannot be used due to patient inability to use them accurately, or special requirements such as the requirement of an insulin pump (not accommodated with a preferred glucose test strip/disk or meter), visual impairment, or other physical or mental disability. Requests for nonpreferred products will be reviewed when patient-specific documentation has been provided. TARGET DRUGS Preferred products Accu-Chek® test strip and disks Bayer® test strips and disks Non-preferred products All remaining test strips and disks PRIOR AUTHORIZATION CRITERIA FOR APPROVAL A nonpreferred glucose test strip/disk or meter product will be approved when ONE of the following is m Continue reading >>

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    and Spot. I was very pleased with it and the couple times I had to contact their customer support because Callie damaged the meters knocking them off the counter, their customer support department was

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