Should Blood Sugar Rise After Eating

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How To Manage Blood Sugar Spikes After Meals

If you're trying to manage diabetes, you already know it's important to keep track of your blood sugar levels. But how do you handle a spike that comes after you eat? It's called "postprandial" blood glucose, and if you take some simple steps, you can get it under control and help avoid health problems. When your blood sugar is high, you can get symptoms like a foggy-headed feeling that makes it hard to focus or think clearly. Your energy may also take a dive, and you may feel nervous or moody. If your levels go too low, you could even pass out. In the long run, if your blood sugar stays up, you could be at risk for heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, or other problems. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends you check your blood sugar levels right before mealtime with a blood sample from a finger stick. Then do it again 1 to 2 hours after that first bite of food. Keep this up for a week or so. Write down the time and the blood sugar number. Make a note about anything you think might affect your levels, like medicine or exercise. And don't forget to log exactly what you ate, along with portion sizes and the amount of carbs. What levels are too high after a meal? Exper Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. dwelldon

    how long after eating does blood sugar peak?

    I have just had a curry for tea, I tested my blood and it was 15.
    how long after eating does blood sugar peak?
    And how long will it take to return to normal?
    I am newly diagnosed so just looking for information

  2. Andy12345

    i believe it depends on what you ate but i also believe 45 minutes is a general peak, then 2 hours is how well your body has dealt with it, if i eat 2 slices of toast my numbers are way high all that day and even into the next, dont know why though

  3. mo1905

    Andy is correct. Certain foods peak at different times according to their GI. Ideally, you hope to get your BG levels down to pre-meal levels after approx 2 hours. Different people react differently to different foods also.

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