Should Blood Sugar Be Higher In The Morning

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Blood Sugar: What Causes High Blood Sugar Levels In The Morning

There are two reasons why your blood sugar levels may be high in the morning – the dawn phenomenon and the Somogyi effect. The dawn phenomenon is the end result of a combination of natural body changes that occur during the sleep cycle and can be explained as follows: Your body has little need for insulin between about midnight and about 3:00 a.m. (a time when your body is sleeping most soundly). Any insulin taken in the evening causes blood sugar levels to drop sharply during this time. Then, between 3:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., your body starts churning out stored glucose (sugar) to prepare for the upcoming day as well as releases hormones that reduce the body's sensitivity to insulin. All of these events happen as your bedtime insulin dose is also wearing off. These events, taken together, cause your body's blood sugar levels to rise in the morning (at "dawn"). A second cause of high blood sugar levels in the morning might be due to the Somogyi effect (named after the doctor who first wrote about it). This condition is also called "rebound hyperglycemia." Although the cascade of events and end result – high blood sugar levels in the morning – is the same as in the dawn phenome Continue reading >>

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  1. Lularoedarina

    So I recently switched doctors and I think I should do it again. I left my doctor’s office confused to say the least. I had my blood work done in June before starting back on keto and everything was normal. I’ve been noticing high fasting glucose levels (I bought a ketone meter and decided to test it out). My fasting BG is 105-117 but it’s in low 90’s after lunch. My doctor said high glucose is common in muscular men I’m a chubby woman. Also my ketone levels are really low 0.3-0.7 the most. I’ve posted about it and I’m cutting down my carbs to see if it will help. I’m not in to fasting just yet. My main question is why my fasting BG is higher than daytime numbers. My doctor didn’t really answer my question. Any theories?

    I’m not asking for diagnosis, I’m asking for opinions

  2. Wishbone

    What time in the morning was the test done, and what did you eat the night before?

  3. Lularoedarina

    I tested around 7:30 and last night I had egg roll in a bowl (minus carrots and onions), salami and mozzarella but it’s like that no matter what I eat. I was done eating at 8:30 pm

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