Reactive Hypoglycemia Anxiety

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Conditions Linked To And Confused With Panic Disorder

There are two medical conditions that come up very frequently in consideration of panic disorder. They are said variously to be confused with the disorder because of a similarity of symptoms or to be related to it because they occur together. They are reactive hypoglycemia and mitral valve prolapse. The more important condition is reactive hypoglycemia. Reactive Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia means low blood sugar. It is not an illness but simply a physical finding. It can be caused by a number of conditions of varying seriousness, and in turn can cause a variety of symptoms which seem at first glance to resemble those of a phobia. These include lightheadedness, shakiness, sweating, weakness and fatigue, nervousness, fast heart- beat, blurring of vision, and tingling of lips and tongue- among others. They are relieved promptly by raising the blood sugar to a proper level. The terms “reactive hypoglycemia” or “functional hypoglycemia” are used vaguely to refer to a condition in which someone for undiscovered, or undiscoverable, reasons overreacts to the ingestion of sugars by a rise and then an abrupt fall in blood sugar levels, precipitating the symptoms listed above. There is s Continue reading >>

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  1. riprock

    Anxiety / stress or hypoglycemia ??

    Hi there, i would love if someone could help me as i've been dealing with my problems for about a year now..
    to make a long story really short... i used to be 100% healthy, felt fine eating anything and doing everything. I also used to party hard, drinking and doing drugs excessively. I wokeup one morning after binging on alcohol, waited till like 3 oclock before eating and went to the mall with my friend to KFC... i got fries + chicken + an orange soda and halfway through my meal i felt insanely dizzy and as if i were going to passout / die. I got my friend to take me to the emergency room because i was convinced i was gonna pass out... my heart was beating out of my chest and i felt faint. The nurse in the emergency room checked my blood sugar and said it was ridiculously low and then told me to wait. After that the feeling subsided and i left without seeing a doctor.
    Right after my friend and i went to another fast food place and i got something else to eat and the feelings started happening again... since then i've been dealing with these symptoms that doctors are just calling anxiety but i swear it's not anxiety as i'm really not an anxious person, i dont have much to be anxious about.
    My daily symptoms which are like crippling are
    - strained bloodshot dry eyes
    - tightness in neck , frequent headaches...they're like pressure headaches, not necessarily painful.. id never had them b4 until this occured
    - shakey hands
    - Then i get this feeling like my heart is beating out of my chest and sometimes i can feel my heart almost making my head shake
    -and sometimes when i walk i get this little disoriented feeling like my heart missed a beat or something... feels like im changing elevations or something but actually am not ( hard to explain)
    I never get panic attacks just a general feeling of unwellneess that's very correlated with my eating habits. Usually if i feel crappy and i eat a decent meal it will get beter... never 100% , but better. and if i dont eat i feel like im going to die basically or if i eat crappy foods like white bread and sweets
    I've had numerous blood tests and they've said i dont have diabetes but i feel like it's strange how low my sugars were when i first had the attack.....
    Im wondering if anyone could link me to this low carb diet i've been reading about on here or another hypoglycemic diet.
    I actually weight lift seriously(4x a week) and have a developed physique so i do watch my diet... right now it is basically
    Complex carbs - Brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread
    high protein - lean ground beef, chicken , tuna, eggs, lots of milk
    and i try to get in as much veggies and fruits as possible, lots of bananas etc
    could someone please try and help me these feelings are ruining my life, thank you so much!!!

  2. Niklas89

    First of all don't be fooled by what you didn't use to suffer from. My aunt became diabetic overnight at the age of 45. And most of us never suffered from hypoglycemia, it crept in subtly and slowly, symptom after symptom. Certain things are universally unhealthy and just because your body seems to tolerate an unhealthy lifestyle for longer than others you're not immune.
    If you're reactive hypoglycemia your diet is not on the right track. Lean foods are not a good idea as if your body is not good at processing carbs, your best chance is to make your body better at burning fats. Also lean foods are high in protein but a diet too high in proteins will play havoc with your sugar and insulin balance. According to the biggest expert on a protein (Lemon PW) an strength athlete lifting everyday and competing need 0.8 grams of proteins per pounds. Amateur weight lifters need less. Most people on a low fat, high protein diet consume three times that amount. But whatever extra protein which won't be used for protein syntesys will be converted to glucose. Your diet is already very high in carb and extra glucose is not a good idea.
    Lot of milk is not a good idea, milk is a carb not a protein (expecially if you use low fat milk) It contain lactose which is converted very fast to glucose. Milk spike the blood sugar of every person with blood sugar issues I know expecially diabetics. I can't drink any milk.
    Brown pasta and brown bread are not much better than white pasta and white bread. Their glycemic load is extremely high anyway, their carb content is identical, the fiber content is not enough to decrease a sugar spike and the effect of blood sugar might even be greater. Brown rice is a better choice as are tortillas, beans and starchy vegetables.
    Bananas are the worst fruit for glycemic control. I can't eat them. They are high in fast acting sugars, they're high in glycemic load and in glycemic index. Half small banana a day is too much for a lot of people, expecially diabetics, pre-diabetics and hypoglycemics.
    You need to eat more fatty fish and also more fats in generals. For example if you eat yogurt you need whole plain yogurt as low fat is too high in carbs and will spike your blood glucose.
    Most meals shouldn't contain more than 30 grams of carbs. The exception is your post-workout meal.

  3. cibolagirl

    you should ask specifically for a glucose tolerance test. You fast and then drink something similar to the orange soda you mentioned (an orange soda would make me almost comatose)they then take your blood at certain intervals over about 3 hours. My GTT showed I did INDEED have hypo but the simple blood test without the glucose did not. I agree with everything Niklas89 said...it is tricky...I have not been following a good diet lately with birthday parties and summer celebrations and I have been suffering SUCH TERRIBLE symptoms...extreme anxiety, pounding heart and feelings of a tight band around my head. You just HAVE to get strict about what you eat.

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