Poc Glucose Vs Serum Glucose

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Accuracy Of Capillary And Arterial Whole Blood Glucose Measurements Using A Glucose Meter In Patients Under General Anesthesia In The Operating Room

Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of a glucose meter with surgical patients under general anesthesia in the operating room. Methods: Glucose measurements were performed intraoperatively on 368 paired capillary and arterial whole blood samples using a Nova StatStrip (Nova Biomedical, USA) glucose meter and compared with 368 reference arterial whole blood glucose measurements by blood gas analyzer in 196 patients. Primary outcomes were median bias (meter minus reference), percentage of glucose meter samples meeting accuracy criteria for subcutaneous insulin dosing as defined by Parkes error grid analysis for type 1 diabetes mellitus, and accuracy criteria for intravenous insulin infusion as defined by Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guidelines. Time under anesthesia, patient position, diabetes status, and other variables were studied to determine whether any affected glucose meter bias. Results: Median bias (interquartile range) was −4 mg/dl (−9 to 0 mg/dl), which did not differ from median arterial meter bias of −5 mg/dl (−9 to −1 mg/dl; P = 0.32). All of the capillary and arterial glucose meter values met acceptability criteria for subc Continue reading >>

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  1. rushbet

    Ideal blood sugar levels while pregnant?

    What are the ideal blood sugar levels during pregnancy?
    I am 18w right now and in the US and I think the doctors here follow different numbers than in India. I may travel back to India for my delivery and need to understand if there is any difference.
    Can someone pls advise?

  2. reshmabudhia

    I believe in fasting it should be less than 95 and for one hour post breakfast it should be less than 140.

  3. hihi1

    Blood sugar levels for Adult are different from pregnant women. For pregnant women, the ideal fasting level is less than 90 and after 2 hrs post meal is less than 125.

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