Low Blood Sugar Brain Damage

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Low Blood Sugars & Your Brain

We are constantly being told about (and threatened with) the long-term effects of high blood sugars, but the long-term effects of low blood sugars have always been less clear. In the past few years, theories on the impact of low blood sugars on the wellbeing of our brains were gaining the most concern, but multiple studies have offered further reason to put these fears to rest. The initial concerns were that repeated hypoglycemic events would impair cognitive function overtime, which means that tighter blood sugar control (which increases risk and likelihood of hypoglycemia) could potentially cause harm to the brain despite benefitting nerve-endings and organs usually harmed by high blood sugars. Several studies have failed to find any conclusive data supporting this concern: This 2010 study concludes: Recurrent hypoglycemia (RH), the most common side-effect of intensive insulin therapy for diabetes, is well established to diminish counterregulatory responses to further hypoglycemia. However, despite significant patient concern, the impact of RH on cognitive and neural function remains controversial. Here we review both the data from human studies and recent animal studies regardin Continue reading >>

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  1. FreeSpirit

    Brain Injuries from Low Blood Sugar?

    I've read a lot of articles that say that diabetic brains may be injured due to severe hypoglycemia. Does anyone know what [I]parts[I] of the brain are affected? And, exactly how the brain injuries might harm the diabetic? (i.e., motor function, memory, processing, etc.) Is this damage permanent or temporary?

  2. nikki08

    I've heard that the disease itself ages the brain. I guess that makes sense, since it ages the organs as well. But, I've had it for 22 years and am still pretty sharp, and I plan on being that way for a long time. I've heard that bad lows kill brain cells, but so do a lot of other things, so I'm not sure...I guess tight control is all we can do!

  3. Richard157

    Hello FreeSpirit, welcome back! Here is a three page thread from the "archives" of our site. It involves hypos and potential brain damage.

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