Is Fasting Blood Sugar Of 104 Normal

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The “normal Blood Sugar Range” May Be Misleading You

A fasting blood sugar test measures the amount of a type of sugar, called glucose, in your blood after you have not eaten for at least eight hours. Checking for an ideal fasting blood sugar is one of the most commonly performed tests to check for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. So what should your fasting blood sugar be? The normal blood sugar range is 65-99 mg/dL. If your fasting blood sugar is between 100 and 125 mg/dL, you have “impaired fasting glucose,” also referred to as “prediabetes.” If your fasting blood sugar is more than 126 mg/dL on two or more occasions, you have full-blown diabetes. What Is Prediabetes? People defined as having impaired fasting glucose/prediabetes are individuals whose blood sugar levels do not meet criteria for diabetes, yet are higher than those considered normal. These people are at relatively high risk for the future development of diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), prediabetes is not a disease itself but rather a risk factor “for diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease.”[1] However, the ADA also state that prediabetes can be considered an “intermediate stage” in the diabetes disease process.[1](On Continue reading >>

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  1. kath01752

    non-diabetic with sligthly elevated fasting glucose and a question

    I am a healthy 32 year old female who just had my yearly physical. I am 5'6" and weight 135 pounds, no diabetes in the family history. My lab work showed a slightly elevated fasting glucose level of 104. My doctor just said to increase exercise and watch the carbs that I eat. I already eat healthy. Don't really eat too much bread/pasta. Pretty much just a sandwich for lunch, some rice with dinner, and pasta dinners maybe 3 times a month, and I already exercise 3 times a week for an hour. With this sligthly elevated level and the fact that I already eat healthy/exercise, does that mean I could develop diabetes in the future??

  2. phototaker

    I'm not sure, Kath...hard to tell. I would go again for another blood sugar test in a few months, though. You "might" want to buy yourself a blood sugar testing kit with test strips, if you're really concerned. Do you know anyone with diabetes who could show you how to use it? A pharmacist could show you, too, I would imagine. Then, write down your fasting numbers in the morning.
    That will give you an idea how you're doing. You can also test two hours after eating.
    You can try eating whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, or brown rice, instead of the white types, if you are eating that.

  3. DavidHueben

    It is certainly not inevitable that you will develop diabetes in the future. As you pointed out, your fasting glucose was only slightly elevated (normal levels being between 70 and 99). But, it does bear watching after future physicals.
    Your doctor gave you the prudent advice. You might increase your exercise a bit. Also, keep in mind that carbohydrates are also present in fruits and vegetables, but these carbohydrates aren't usually as detrimental to blood glucose levels as the ones you mentioned.
    Keep up the good work and just keep an eye on things.
    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! -Tommy Smothers

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