Hypoglycemia In Newborn Treatment

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Guidelines For The Detection And Management Of Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, And Normoglycemia In Preterm And Term Neonates

John A. Widness, MD Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed Hypoglycemia Definition: Plasma glucose < 40 mg/dL in both term or preterm infants. Incidence: The definition of neonatal hypoglycemia has been based on statistical criteria.2 The incidence of this condition in term AGA infants is approximately 2%. Infants at Risk immediately following birth: IDMs, IGDMs (especially those whose mothers received oral hypoglycemic agents), LGA (>90%ile), SGA (IUGR <10%ile), post-asphyxiated, APGAR < 5 at five minutes, polycythemic, immune hemolytic disease, suspected sepsis, hypothermia (rectal temperature <35¾C), congenital anomalies, Beckwith-Wiedman syndrome, infants ≤ 36 wks gestation, infants ≥42 wks gestation, & those whose mothers received large amounts of i.v. glucose prior to delivery. Signs: Non-specific, including tremulousness, twitching, jitteriness, irritability, exaggerated Moro reflex, high pitched cry, seizures, apnea, limpness, poor feeding, cyanosis, temperature instability, and coma. Screening of Infants at Risk (see table at end of this section): Screen by plasma glucose measurements at 1, 2, 4, 8 and 24 hours of age if not receiving glucose containing i.v. flu Continue reading >>

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  1. diabetesfree

    Highest Blood Sugar Reading?

    I am just curious as to how badly other people's blood sugar levels have gotten. I've had mine register at over 600 at times. In fact, my meter wouldn't even give me an exact reading. It just said "HI". Scary. So, what is the highest your blood glucose level has ever gotten, and did you require any medical attention?

  2. HeavenorHell

    After a ERCP my sugar was normal around 104 within the next blood work I had was 2 weeks later it was 1340. They told me to go to a ER the ER was amazed I was walking and talking the only effect I felt was I could not see 2ft in front of me. Now they are saying I am diabetic I'm a little confused how it jumped so high so fast. I can not get answers everyone just tells me I am diabetic and the test that they do would prove that I was diabetic for 3 months because of the 1340 but I am stupid and they will not see my point nor give me answers. They just say that the ERCP did not cause any of this but they really cant explain what did. So now I have to take 4 shots a day and oral medication 2 times a day.

  3. Anonymous

    When I was diagnosed I was 11 and my parents thought I was sick and got me Sprite for me to drink and I was really thirsty so I drank it quite fast and peed a lot and was really sleepy and I one day I had to go to track practice and I was so thirsty but I had to wait to get a drink and after that I attempted to take a shower and the water burned my skin so we went to the hospital and they though is was my appendix and I went on a helicopter to a different town to remove it and they wouldn't let me drink anything I was so thirsty I went to the bathroom and drank out if the faucet they removed and I was still in pain so they tested my blood this was like 2 days after I was brought to the hospital so they tested my blood sugar and it was only like 1000 but Im sure it was higher 2 days before that and now my monitor doesnt read over about 500 just says hi so IDK

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