Hypoglycemia Falling Asleep After Eating Sugar

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Women Who Fall Asleep When They Eat: It Sounds Bizarre, But It's A Genuine Medical Condition - And It's Wrecking Their Lives

Sharon Anne Jackson, a 42-year-old receptionist from Reading, will often find herself sinking into a brain fog when she goes out for an Italian Reena Khan, 37, a hypnotherapist from West Yorkshire, has been suffering from post-eating exhaustion for three years 'Food comas' are more common than we think and the effects can be hard Every day, straight after lunch, Faye Perminsky crawls into bed and immediately falls into a two-hour sleep. Waking up just in time for the school run, she picks up her son Samuel, comes home, has dinner, and can barely keep her eyes open to read him a bedtime story before sinking gratefully back into bed no later than 9pm. Contrary to what you might think, Faye is not lazy. Nor is she exhausted just from the constant grind of juggling work and motherhood. The 43-year-old make-up artist from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, has a condition known as postprandial hypoglycaemia, which leaves sufferers overwhelmed with exhaustion immediately after eating. In a previous administrative job for a media company, Faye would struggle to keep her eyes open after lunch and once even nodded off at her desk. 'Thankfully, on that occasion, everyone was still out at lunch and Continue reading >>

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  1. Lilliepop

    Hello. I think I have ask ask about this problem before but now it's much worst. I used to fall asleep after eating anything with sugar after about half an hour, now I am dropping off to sleep after eating anything and almost straight away. I just did it to day had some cottage cheese and ham and when I finished just went to sleep it's like almost passing out I was sitting up looking on my PC. It's horrible. Was wondering if anyone has this problem or what is making me do this?
    My husband used to think it funny but now he doesn't it's worrying. Also I have a slight headache when I come round like a bit of a hangover. I have one Dr saying I'm prediabetic and another one at the hospital saying I'm not.

  2. Squire Fulwood

    I do this all the time. Instead of feeling guilty I just go with it. The longest I sleep is half an hour but more often about ten minutes and then I pop up and feel well. Stop feeling guilty and divorce the husband.

  3. Lilliepop

    Yes but you feel good when you wake up I feel dreadful. Are you prediabetic? How long have you done this? And is it after eating anything say cheese for instance no carbs?

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