How To Lower Blood Sugar Fast Without Medication

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7 Morning Rituals Proven To Lower Morning Blood Sugar Naturally

If you’re a diabetic, you may find that your blood sugar levels are at their peak in the morning. This is due to the fasting period overnight. It’s common for blood sugar tests to require a period of fasting beforehand to get the best natural levels. You need to get your blood sugar levels down right away. The good news is you don’t necessarily need to rely on medication. While you will want to take medication in the way that your doctor has prescribed, you will still want to follow these seven-morning rituals. It is possible to reverse type II diabetes and focus on a healthier and more natural lifestyle. Even if you’re not a diabetic, you will want to keep your morning blood sugar levels down. Here are the seven must-follow morning rituals that have proven to lower the blood sugar levels on a morning completely naturally. Wait, Why Is Your Blood Sugar Up In the Morning? Why is it that your blood sugar levels will rise overnight? You don’t eat anything, so how can you possibly add any glucose to your system? Well, those who suffer from type II diabetes will find this is most problematic. The body still creates glucose throughout the night. It needs to, whether you’ve ea Continue reading >>

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  1. psd

    Blood sugar control without meds

    I am not a doctor I am just sharing my experience. Here is my story - last year I suddenly lost 25Lbs, vision got blurry and had numbness in my foot. I suspected of diabetes and yes I was diagnosed with it. My fasting BS was 330 and after meals was 591. Luckily my father had similar diagnosis 26 years ago .. he told me not to take medication right away and try diet and exercise and allow at least 60 days and see what happens. He said that it may reverse. I started exercise - biking to work. Very low carb. diet and some breathing (yoga) exercises. I did not see my numbers improving much for first 50 days and it was frustrating. Suddenly I started seeing my numbers fell 20-30 points every day and my fasting BS was around 100-120 after 60 days or so. My after meal BS was around 200-230. Then I had to travel abroad for work for a week so I took metmorphin for a week - 1000mg/day since the low carb diet availability was impractical. My fasting numbers became 80-90 and after meal numbers < 120 (2 hrs). I stopped metmorphin to see if my numbers stay there. Yes, the numbers stayed there as long as I was on low card diet and doing regular exercise. I have stopped medications after that.
    I think one should allow some time for diet and exercise and see if it works before starting on medication. My father controlled his diabetes for first 24 years without meds. He started medication in last 2 years. Since I am not a big fan of pills I try natural foods that controls BS - a mix of bitter melon, sprouted fenugrek seeds, gudmar, cinnamon every day.. I think it works.. or at least it worked for my father for a long time. Is there anyone else on the forum with similar experience?
    Diag 12/11 BS (fasting) 330, after meals (2hrs) 591 (at Home)
    A1C (2/12) - 11.8 - lab
    A1C (4/12) - 7.7 - Relion
    A1C (5/12) -5.9 - Relion
    A1C (6/12) - 6.5 - Relion
    A1C (7/12) - 4.9 - lab

  2. timothyw

    psd, I went on Metformin and Lantus right away. Both helped in getting all my testing numbers in a more normal range pretty quickly. I am glad I went on both. Diet and exercise helped get those testing numbers into a better range so I was able to give up the Lantus and I have cut back on the Met (not off it completley yet). A lot of doctors are now prescribing meds like Lantus at DX. I talked with my Doc about it and he said it was just there to give the beta cells a bit of a rest. Mine sure needed the rest as my fasting BG was 640 at dx and the pancreus was really working overtime. Now I am doing fine without the Lantus and just controlling with the met, exercise and diet.

  3. furball64801

    Its great it worked for you, I tried all of that and it did nothing for me. The thing it worked for you is all that counts, there are many that had high numbers and without high meds would still have them. My question would be what do you eat that allows lower blood sugar.

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