How Many Types Of Blood Sugar Test

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Blood Glucose Testing

Tweet Blood glucose testing, also known as blood glucose monitoring, is one of the main tools involved in controlling diabetes. Not everyone with diabetes will test their blood glucose levels but it is regarded as being very beneficial for helping to make diet and medication dosing decisions. If you are on any medication that can lead to hypoglycemia (most notably insulin), you should test your blood glucose levels. What is blood glucose testing? Blood glucose testing is the process used to measure the concentration of glucose in your blood. Blood glucose testing can be carried out at home using a blood glucose meter. A blood test involves pricking your finger with a small needle called a lancet, drawing a drop of blood from the finger and applying it to a test strip that has been engaged into a blood glucose meter. How does blood glucose testing help to control diabetes? Blood glucose testing can help to control diabetes in a number of ways: Informing food choices and portion quantities Assisting medication dosing decisions Identifying periods of high or low blood glucose levels In turn, this can lead to: A reduction in HbA1c (improved long-term glycemic control) A lower risk of s Continue reading >>

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  1. caragypsy

    How many times a day do you test your blood sugar levels?

    My GP told me to only test in the morning before eating. I've read here that most of you test many times a day.
    Can someone tell me why this is.

  2. doublecbob

    I am prescribed 300 test strips per month. I try to have tight control of my Type 2.
    My fear is that at the end of 2018 I plan on retiring and am not willing to give up my testing routine. I wonder what type of supplemental insurance I am going to need. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  3. Type1Lou

    Once you become eligible for Medicare, Medicare dictates how frequently they allow you to test your BG"s. They allow 1 strip/day for non-insulin dependent diabetics and 3 strips/day for those using insulin. Any use in excess of this must be supported by doctor's case notes proving the "medical necessity" for more frequent testing. I've been fighting with Medicare for several years to get approval for the 8 strips/day I use. Prior to Medicare I had no problem getting/using that amount. There are some lower-cost test strip alternatives out there if you find you'll need to pay out-of-pocket for them. Walmart's Relion is one I hear of often.

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