How Is Blood Sugar Regulated By Negative Feedback

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Antagonistic Hormones

Maintaining homeostasis often requires conditions to be limited to a narrow range. When conditions exceed the upper limit of homeostasis, a specific action, usually the production of a hormone, is triggered. When conditions return to normal, hormone production is discontinued. If conditions exceed the lower limit of homeostasis, a different action, usually the production of a second hormone, is triggered. Hormones that act to return body conditions to within acceptable limits from opposite extremes are called antagonistic hormones. The regulation of blood glucose concentration (through negative feedback) illustrates how the endocrine system maintains homeostasis by the action of antagonistic hormones. Bundles of cells in the pancreas called pancreatic islets contain two kinds of cells, alpha cells and beta cells. These cells control blood glucose concentration by producing the antagonistic hormones insulin and glucagon: Beta cells secrete insulin. When the concentration of blood glucose rises (after eating, for example), beta cells secrete insulin into the blood. Insulin stimulates the liver and most other body cells to absorb glucose. Liver and muscle cells convert the glucose to Continue reading >>

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  1. Sheila

    kinda in a rush, so i cant describe it, but the menstrual cycle is an example of a positive feed back cycle. If you need negative ones there are a bunch in digestion. Enzymes are very complex and have bonding sites that will only fit with certain molecules. Hormones are often specific to enzymes, enabling or disabling them. Sorry I cant be of more help hopefully this jogs someone's memory and they can be more descriptive.

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