How Does Insulin Affect Protein And Glucose Metabolism?

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Effect Of Insulin On Protein Synthesis

The mechanism by which insulin controls protein metabolism is not fully understood. Insulin stimulates protein synthesis; it also enhances transport of some amino acids, but the latter action does not appear to be sufficient explanation of the increase in synthesis. The various actions seem to be independent of effects on glucose metabolism. In diabetic muscle there are fewer than normal polysomes, and insulin rapidly enhances attachment of monomers to messenger-RNA. Insulin also increases the effectiveness of cell sap in catalyzing protein synthesis by ribosomal systems. The way in which the hormone may affect either initiation or peptide synthesis is not known. Experiments are reported bearing on whether availability of amino acids could be a mechanism by which effects of insulin are mediated. Activity of liver and muscle soluble fractions declines on fasting and, for the latter tissue, possibly also on a low protein diet. Sap from fasting animals allows a much smaller response of isolated ribosomes to added amino acids. Availability of glutamate in amino acid mixtures may be of special importance. However, insulin can influence the activity of the sap fraction of diaphragm muscl Continue reading >>

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  1. missriss68

    Metformin and night sweats

    Please help me. I have been having extreme night sweats. I have done a search to see if metformin causes night sweats and I have found a few posts indicating people are experiencing this side effect. I called the doctor and he said night sweats are not a side effect of metformin.
    A few nights ago I forgot to take the metformin at dinner, which is normally around 6 pm as I was out and didn't get home until about 11. I took it at that time and went to bed. No night sweats that night. Hmmm. Ok, so the next night I took it around the same time, no night sweats again.... So I am assuming the metformin is what's causing this issue, however, I am noticing my fasting bgs is higher in the morning than what it should be. Any advice? Anyone experience this? Oh, I am taking the metformin extended (1500 total).

  2. 1970clea

    Night sweats can indicate a low during the night. Not taking metformin might have an effect on that. It is unlikely to be the drug, rather the disease... try having a high fat/protein snack before bed and see if that helps.

  3. missriss68

    I have checked blood sugar when I was having night sweats, and I am not low. I didn't have any night sweats while I was on insulin. I am so confused. But I do know, I can't sleep due to this.

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