How Does Insulin Affect Protein?

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3. Amino Acids Stimulate The Release Of Both Glucagon And Insulin

In a person without diabetes, a rise in blood amino acid concentration (the result of protein metabolism) stimulates the secretion of both glucagon and insulin, so their blood sugar remains stable. But in people with diabetes, the release of glucagon without insulin or with impaired insulin response can cause our blood sugar to rise precipitously several hours after a meal high in protein. The insulin is secreted to stimulate protein synthesis--the uptake of amino acids into muscle cells--making them less available for gluconeogenesis. The glucagon is secreted to stimulate the uptake of amino acids into the cells of the liver for gluconeogenesis. So why are these two hormones battling for opposing uses of the same amino acids? Isn't that non-productive? Actually, the phenomenon serves an important purpose. As you probably know, insulin lowers the blood sugar, while glucagon raises it. In the non-diabetic state, the release of these two opposing hormones ensures that the amino acids are used for protein synthesis (because of the extra insulin) but the blood sugar doesn't drop to dangerously low levels, even if the meal was low in carbohydrate. As a result, blood glucose concentratio Continue reading >>

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  1. Rhomboid

    Problem with NovoMix penn

    Hello everyone!
    Im asking on behalf of my sister that have recently been experiencing problems with her NovoMix 30 FlexPen. She uses the smallest penn needles (i think its 0.5mm) Even if she primes the penn, stores it in room temp and shakes it well before using it and sees a small stream of insulin, the button on the penn sometimes gets very hard to press down when she injects in the abdominal area and some drops of insulin comes out eve if she leaves it in for up to 15 secconds
    She pinches the the skin around one inch between index finger and thumb to be on the safe side since she is very slim.
    Have anyone else been experiencing this and knows how to avoid it happening again?

  2. Shanny

    Welcome, Rhomboid. I'm here to welcome you and then get out of the way for our members who use insulin & can respond to your question. So welcome aboard - thank you for joining us on your sister's behalf.
    Take care & be well.

  3. Jen

    I started out with Novolog and Levemir pens. I too found that the injection mechanism became difficult to operate, and I never trusted that I was getting a complete dose. But those pens are such convenient carrying devices! So I use them with syringes and just draw my insulin as though I am using vials. (This also allows me to approximate 1/4 units, which can't be done with pens - even the Novopen Jr. only allows 1/2 unit increments).

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