How Does Blood Sugar Affect Sleep

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The Importance Of Sleep In Blood Sugar Regulation

Quality of sleep is an often overlooked and under appreciated factor in overall health and blood glucose regulation. You see, type 2 diabetes is a condition rooted in a disruption of hormones and lack of sleep affects our hormones, therefore it can directly influence blood sugar levels, which is what I’m about to explain. How much sleep are you getting right now? A full 8 hours? Or is it around 6? According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average person is sleeping 6 hours and 40 minutes on work days and 7 hours 25 minutes on weekends. Not quite the full 8 hours we really need. Sleep is absolutely essential to healthy bodily function – for brain function, mental alertness and focus, mood stability, healing and repair of blood vessels, immune function, and like I already pointed out, hormonal regulation – which is the most important factor for you as a diabetic. Circadian Rhythm The human body functions on an internal biological clock, it’s known as your circadian rhythm. Basically this just means the 24 hour sleep/wake cycle that your body naturally goes through each day. When your circadian rhythm is altered or ignored, this leads to metabolic imbalance – things go Continue reading >>

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  1. lipsie

    How does your sleep affect your sugar levels?

    Just curious to know how other people respond with less/more sleep than normal with their sugar readings? I am not sure about over sleeping because I don't know the meaning of that,lol but little sleep definately makes my sugars run low. Thanks! Sheila

  2. ownedmanatee

    I don't know if this applies to everyone, but the less sleep I get, the higher my wake up BG.

  3. DawnRPenque

    So much of diabetes has nothing to do with what you eat. When you do not eat your liver releases glucose into your bloodstream naturally, it's just that a diabetic does not have the insulin or the two aren't working well together as in type II Diabetes and your blood sugar levels go up. There are medications that can treat that. Janumet (metformin and januvia) and Byetta. Both worked very well for me but the insurance companies don't pay for them because they are not generic.

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