How Does A Diabetes Test Work?

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Understanding Your Lab Test Results

Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires an enormous amount of self-care and that can affect many parts of the body. Because of this, people who have diabetes are generally advised to visit their doctors multiple times a year and also to see various specialists (such as endocrinologists, podiatrists, and eye doctors) periodically to screen for potential problems and treat any complications that arise. Along with blood pressure readings and inspection of the feet and eyes, there are a number of laboratory tests recommended by the American Diabetes Association. These tests are used to track blood glucose control, kidney function, cardiovascular health, and other areas of health. Although you certainly can’t and won’t be expected to analyze the lab report when your test results come back, knowing a little bit about what your report says can be a way for you to more fully understand and take charge of your health. If it isn’t already your doctor’s regular practice to give you copies of your lab reports, ask for a copy the next time you have lab tests done. Use the information in this article to learn more about what lab reports show, and discuss your results with your doct Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Rockythe Lacydog

    Why is 6.5 -7 an acceptable A1c?

    Why is an A1c of 6.5 -- 7.0 considered acceptable by the "experts"? Everything I can read says that average A1c this high will result is damage to nerves, eyes, kidneys... . Why isn't an acceptable A1c closer to 5?

  2. jwags

    That is an excellent question. The medical community considers 7 a good HbA1c but that is an average bg of 154 which is in the danger zone. Normal HbA1c's are 4.0-low 5's, so I feel if we can maintain close to normal without hypos , we're good.

  3. 1986

    the answer is simple
    Many diabetics do not take care
    they dont watch what they eat
    they dont check there BG
    if your on a BG lowering drug and are running BG in the 90s and DONT check your BG, you could end up dead, and if your driving you might take out someone else too.
    so its up to us that do take care to watch our BG and our numbers.
    I know several people (diabetics) that are on BG lowering meds and do not check there BG just there A1c. do you want to be the other car knowing they are on a BG lowering drug and the only thing they know is there last A1c 2 month ago was 5.6? and they have not poked a finger since!
    I think the BG and A1c and acceptable levels of testing and treatment need looking at.
    I agree 6.5 it to high.

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