How Can I Test For Diabetes At Home?

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Home Blood Glucose Test

Test Overview A measures the amount of a type of sugar, called glucose, in your blood at the time of testing. The test can be done at home or anywhere, using a small portable machine called a blood glucose meter. Home blood sugar testing can be used to monitor your blood sugar levels. Talk with your doctor about how often to check your blood sugar. How often you need to check it depends on your diabetes treatment, how well your diabetes is controlled, and your overall health. People who take insulin to control their diabetes may need to check their blood sugar level often. Testing blood sugar at home is often called home blood sugar monitoring or self-testing. If you use insulin rarely or don't use it at all, blood sugar testing can be very helpful in learning how your body reacts to foods, illness, stress, exercise, medicines, and other activities. Testing before and after eating can help you adjust what you eat. Some types of glucose meters can store hundreds of glucose readings. This allows you to review collected glucose readings over time and to predict glucose levels at certain times of the day. It also allows you to quickly spot any major changes in your glucose levels. Some Continue reading >>

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  1. kemilly3

    Hi all,
    I am being tested for PCOS as a scan, and then follow up scan, show cystic ovaries. My bloods came back with HbA1c level as 40 mmol/mol which is within normal range (although, for me, worryingly close to pre-diabetic). My doctor is being great and has referred me on to a gynea but as PCOS, diabetes and insulin are all linked I wondered whether it was worth doing a fasting glucose test to check if I have a problem with insulin/glucose. I don't want to ask for a test for test sake so was thinking of doing a home test first, and if that came back raised, to ask for a fasting test through my GP (I don't want to waste their time or take the focus off the PCOS investigation, or come across as a hypochondriac, hence not requesting this straight away). I'm assuming I could just test in the morning before eating using a standard at home blood glucose test? Good idea or terrible idea?

  2. Squire Fulwood

    kemilly3 said: ↑
    Hi all,
    Good idea or terrible idea? Neither one nor the other really. It won't change anything but on the other hand you will have some information you never had before or possibly be reassured if the result is good. As I have said elsewhere I am not a great fan of fasting tests but I strongly recommend that people own a meter and test occasionally for learning purposes or to predict big trouble.
    So get a meter and enjoy yourself.

  3. kemilly3

    Thanks Squire, yeah, that was my thinking, knowledge being power and all!

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