How Can I Control My Blood Sugar Naturally?

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Ten Ways To Take A Bite Out Of Blood Sugar

Simple tips on how to lower blood sugar that you can integrate into your daily life. By Wil Dubois Let’s talk about blood sugar management today. Sounds boring, huh? Not at all, really. Done right, taking steps to lower blood sugar can be highly empowering. Sweet numbers on a blood sugar log will bring a smile to your face faster than an ice cream cone in July. I know a lot of you who take pills for your diabetes feel powerless to change a high blood sugar reading, so you’d rather not know that your sugar is high—but there are things you can do to lower your blood sugar that don’t involve opening your medicine cabinet. Here are my top ten tips for lowering blood sugar: 1. Test, Don’t Guess The first step—the mantra of dLife from the very beginning—is test, don’t guess! To master your blood sugar, you must first know where it is. And if you only check first thing in the morning, you’re cheating at solitaire. If you want to truly master your blood sugar, you should fearlessly seek out your very worst, highest numbers. That means checking after meals. Don’t let that high number flashing on your meter get you down. Rejoice that you’ve found it. It’s just a probl Continue reading >>

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  1. diabetes40

    How can blood sugar go up without eating?

    I am newly diagnosed as a type 2 Diabetic. I am very confused though.
    I check my blood sugar when I wake up and it's around 6.8, then a couple hours later (without eating or drinking anything), it goes a bit higher.
    Why does that happen? How does that happen?
    I've been testing my sugar myself at home after my A1c at my latest blood test at the doctor's was 6.7%. I was just told I have diabetes and given Metformin, which I haven't taken yet because I am trying diet.

  2. marshagolightly

    It's called dawn phenomenon. Your body thinks it's in starvation mode so your liver gives your body a nice dump of sugar to fend off starvation. Many of us find if we eat a little something upon waking we can ward it off. I eat a cheese stick with my morning coffee which is in my hand within 10 min of waking Many of us find also the lower carb we eat after awhile it backs off as we have depleted the sugar from our liver so nothing to dump.

  3. diabetes40

    But what I meant was that it's lower when I wake up than after being awake for a couple hours. It goes higher around lunch time even though I didn't eat anything yet.

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