How Accurate Are Home Blood Glucose Meters

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The Accuracy Of Home Glucose Meters In Hypoglycemia

Abstract Home glucose meters (HGMs) may not be accurate enough to sense hypoglycemia. We evaluated the accuracy and the capillary and venous comparability of five different HGMs (Optium Xceed [Abbott Diabetes Care, Alameda, CA, USA], Contour TS [Bayer Diabetes Care, Basel, Switzerland], Accu-Chek Go [Roche Ltd., Basel, Switzerland], OneTouch Select [Lifescan, Milpitas, CA, USA], and EZ Smart [Tyson Bioresearch Inc., Chu-Nan, Taiwan]) in an adult population. The insulin hypoglycemia test was performed to 59 subjects (56 males; 23.6 +/- 3.2 years old). Glucose was measured from forearm venous blood and finger capillary samples both before and after regular insulin (0.1 U/kg) was injected. Venous samples were analyzed in the reference laboratory by the hexokinase method. In vitro tests for method comparison and precision analyses were also performed by spiking the glucose-depleted venous blood. All HGMs failed to sense hypoglycemia to some extend. EZ Smart was significantly inferior in critical error Zone D, and OneTouch Select was significantly inferior in the clinically unimportant error Zone B. Accu-Chek Go, Optium Xceed, and Contour TS had similar performances and were significant Continue reading >>

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  1. jeffrey9127

    Meter Accuracy

    Over the last few weeks I have noticed BS readings in the 90's to low 120's when I test my Blood. At first I thought I must be doing something right, but now I am wondering if my Glucose meter is working properly. Do glucose meters last only so long? Do they become less accurate within so many months? Should I have a backup meter to compare results? My meter is a One Touch Ultra mini that I have been using four about 4 months.
    Thank you

  2. nascarnurse68

    I am recently diagnosed May 2010. My contour meter has been reading about 20 points lower than usual the last 3 days so today I decided to pull out the reli on meter (I am switching, my insurance doesn't cover the strips) I just bought and a one touch my doctor gave me. Anyway I tested the same drop of blood on all three meter and the reli on and the one touch said 120 and 121 but the contour said 87. I did it again and got about the same. I did a control solution test on the contour and it came out ok. What is up with this. Are meter this inaccurate. This is a big concern for me. Has anyone else had this happen.

  3. Breezey

    Hi..I am new here too..and to Diabetes..I have type 2… sometimes I have to test two strips to get an accurate reading..I use the Freestyle Freedom Lite. I seem to know that a reading of 21 is NOT what it should be two hours after eating! Does anyone else have this meter? I test two times a day. two hours after breakfast, and two hours after supper. I am also trying to lose weight. I am so happy to be here!

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