High Levels Of Glucose In Urine

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Glucose In The Urine In Dogs

Glucosuria in Dogs Glucosuria (or glycosuria) is the excretion of glucose into the urine. Normally, the kidneys are able to reclaim all of the filtered glucose from the urine into the bloodstream. Glucosuria therefore is nearly always due to kidney disorders, such as diabetes mellitus. Symptoms and Types Glucosuria is categorized as hyperglycemic (170–220 mg/dL) or normoglycemic, and subcategorized as transient or persistent. Symptoms will depend on the underlying disease, but some possible signs include: Causes Hyperglycemic glucosuria Persistent Systemic disease Diabetes mellitus Lesions in the central nervous system (brain, spine, etc.) Progesterone-associated hyperglycemia Glucagonoma (tumor in the pancreas which secretes glucagon, a hormone which increases blood sugar) Chronic liver failure Etiologic agents such as heavy metal poisons, drugs, and chemicals Normoglycemic glucosuria Congenital normoglycemic glucosuria Primary renal glucosuria (Scottish terriers and mixed-breed dogs) Congenital Fanconi’s syndrome (basenji, Norwegian elkhound, miniature Schnauzer) Congenital diseases associated with kidney dysfunction (Norwegian elkhound) Acquired normoglycemic Glucosuria Acut Continue reading >>

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  1. sarahsmile1514

    Sugar in My Urine at Extremely High Levels

    Hi, I'm new as of today. On June 23 I went to the ER, sent there by my internist who was concerned about my EKG not being normal. But when I got there, after being hooked up to a monitor, IV and oxygen, they took a urine sample. I had an extreme amount of sugar in my urine. I have been diabetic Type II since at least 1985, maybe sooner. I am bad about taking my Metformin since it's such a horse pill but I am crushing it now. I also had a UTI they diagnosed. I have a really bad yeast infection caused by the diabetes I can't get rid of through my gynecologist. I have never taken the diabetes seriously and now I'm having a wakeup call. Please give me some suggestions. I'm calling my endocrinologist tomorrow for a visit.
    Thanks much

  2. Rickmar

    Hi Sarah,
    Take your diabetes seriously it is a dreadful desease that can cause a lot of problems.
    Tell your endocrinologist you would like another medication other than Metformin.
    There are many oral medications available for you to try.
    26 years after diagnosis of Type II tell your endocronologist you want to be seen by a retinologist
    so "Fundus" photography can be performed.
    You have found the best place anywhere for help with this terrible disease.
    Good luck and be well,

  3. Nan OH

    Hello Sarah, Welcome to Diabetes Daily
    Do you have a meter and test strips to monitor your Blood Glucose Levels? If you do not, you need to get one as soon as possible.
    When you see your endo, do not be surprised if they put you on insulin for a while. Probably going back on the Met too. When you were first diagnosed, did you limit the carbohydrates in your diet? Some doctors will say it does not make any difference - almost every one here will tell you otherwise. Look online for CalorieKing - it is just one of several options available to you for carb management. Try to take up a walking regimine, we all need as much exercise as we can get too.
    You will be able to get a handle on this and the members of DD will be here to help you.

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