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Blood Glucose 160

What happens when blood glucose hits 160 mg/dl? A blood glucose at this level is typical after, say, a bowl of slow-cooked oatmeal with no added sugar, a small serving of Cheerios, or even an apple in the ultra carb-sensitive. Normal blood sugar with an empty stomach, i.e., fasting; high blood sugars after eating. Conventional wisdom is that a blood sugar of 160 mg/dl is okay, since your friendly primary care doctor says that any postprandial glucose of 200 mg/dl or less is fine because you don't "need" medication. But what sort of phenomena occur when blood sugars are in this range? Here's a list: --Glycation (i.e., glucose modification of proteins) of various tissues, including the lens of your eyes (cataracts), kidney tissue leading to kidney disease, skin leading to wrinkles, cartilage leading to stiffness, degeneration, and arthritis. --Glycation of LDL particles. Glycated LDL particles are more prone to oxidation. --VLDL and triglyceride production by the liver, i.e., de novo lipogenesis. --Small LDL particle formation--The increased VLDL/triglyceride production leads to the CETP-mediated reaction that creates small LDL particles which are, in turn, more glycation- and oxidat Continue reading >>

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  1. Sharonll

    In January this year I had my fasting blood glucose checked, and after 16 hours of fasting it was at 113. This was the same number from a year earlier when I had it checked. So, even though I had been eating primally since August 2009, and had lost fifty pounds, my fasting blood glucose was still at 113.
    My doctor didn’t even mention it as a concern when she mailed my lab results to me, instead choosing to focus on the cholesterol levels, which I wasn’t even concerned about.
    Since that test, during the entire month of March, I have maintained an average daily intake of 1,138 calories, consisting of an average of 78 grams of fat (62%), 13.6 grams of carbs (4%), and 91 grams of protein (34%). On 2/26/11, I was 202 lbs, and on 3/27/11 I was down to 192 lbs, so I lost ten pounds in one month.
    I felt great during March, and realized that cutting out dairy for the month had really helped me to lose more weight. But, I kept having nagging worries about my blood sugar levels. I felt sure that I could reverse the damage I’d done to my body during the years of obesity and yo-yo dieting by going primal, but even after losing over fifty pounds my body wasn’t healing itself. Having such a high fasting blood glucose level meant that I was prediabetic according to everything I was reading online. Here’s an excellent source of such information: Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes.
    So, I purchased a blood glucose meter a week or so ago in order to get an idea of what my fasting blood glucose levels would be after a month of such tight control. If anyone else is thinking of buying a blood glucose meter, the one I purchased is very simple to use and only costs $7.99. It’s the Bayer’s Contour Blood Glucose Meter.
    My results have been very interesting, to say the least. Every morning, I had a homemade espresso and then drove 15 minutes to work. I then tested my blood glucose at work, so about one hour after getting up in the morning, and after at least 10 hours of fasting. Here are the results:
    Tuesday 3/29: 131
    Wednesday 3/30: 117
    Thursday 3/31: 110
    Friday 4/1: 133
    By yesterday, I was feeling deeply disturbed by these high numbers, so I decided to conduct an experiment that closely mimics the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test that I would get at a doctor’s lab.
    Using 133 as my fasting glucose level, I drank two high sugar drinks (Odwalla Strawberry Mango Banana Smoothie 38g sugar, and Odwalla Mango Tango 44g sugar), so within a five-minute period I consumed 82 grams of sugar.
    I waited one hour and then tested my blood glucose: 191. I waited one more hour and tested again: 116. I waited another hour so a total of 3 hours since consuming all that sugar: 96.
    I am really not sure what to make of the results. I know the fasting levels are consistently too high. I know the one hour level after all that sugar was too high. I also know that the two and three hour levels were too high, but I am bewildered about how my body responded during the interval between one hour and three hours, as the numbers went down fairly quickly. This morning, after a ten hour fast, my blood glucose level was 107.
    After consuming all that sugar yesterday morning, I was absolutely starving after three hours. Hungrier than I have been in recent memory. Had a splitting headache, too. I then ate six dolmades, half a cup of hummus, and eight black olives. I haven’t had dolmades and hummus for a long, long time. For supper, I had a chicken thigh and went to bed. This morning, I weighed 197.6 pounds. Yesterday I weighed 191.6 pounds. So, I gained six pounds overnight.
    I’m glad I have conducted this experiment, even though I am unsure about the results. But, I have drawn the conclusion that while I might not be diabetic, I am definitely pre-diabetic, probably even mildly diabetic. This is the information I have, but I don’t know what I’ve learned:
    · My fasting blood glucose levels are consistently too high.
    · My fasting oral glucose tolerance test shows that my levels over the next 3 hours are far too high.
    · I can gain six pounds overnight.
    My doctor, who I’ve been seeing for the last 13 years, is retiring, so I made an appointment with a new doctor, Ruby Farooqi, MD, for next Tuesday. Her profile suggests that she may be better informed than my previous doctor: “She is also interested in diabetes, hypertension, and management of other chronic diseases.”
    Meanwhile, as you may imagine, I am feeling quite anxious about my health. If anyone wants to comment on my results, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

  2. Kelda

    I've just been reading all about this - go here ... Hyperlipid: Physiological insulin resistance the crux of the matter explained!
    If you want to show how good your system now is you need to carb load for three days in a row around 150 g then do a fasted test, that shows the real picture. Anyway read Peter's post above, and you will worry no more, I hope!

  3. Kelda

    And PS, there are other markers which are much more important as you will read in his blog post. I would say those readings you achieved completely support the fact that you are now working properly :-) and congrats on the weight loss thus far and yes, isn't it amazing how bad sugar makes you feel, hard to imagine how we ever lived on such diets eh!

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