Glucose Homeostasis Diagram

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Key words list Some good resources (including PowerPoints) here. This assessment can be taken in a number of ways but more than likely you will be looking at how the humans body keeps a consistent environment in terms or physical exertion, being in an extreme environment or diet. This most likely will not be open book so it is very important that you understand this topic very well. Usually I tell my students if you can explain it to another person without referencing notes you have the level of understanding required. The following 3 sentences must be understood before you walk into your test (: The main purpose and components of the homeostatic control system. What it does and what structures it uses and why. The mechanism of this control system, i.e. how and why it responds to the normal range of environmental fluctuations, the interaction and feedback mechanisms between parts of the system How balance is re-established following the potential effect of one specific disruption - you will not see this before the assessment. What occurs in the system to return the fluctuation back to the normal internal physiological state. For Excellence you need to explain an example of a negati Continue reading >>

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  1. Jenpsu2

    I’m 32 weeks, so I’m getting close to the end! Just wondering- did anyone have a baby that had low blood sugar after birth? I know that’s a possibility but not sure how likely. Is it due to uncontrolled sugars during labor and delivery?

  2. gina

    Hi @Jenpsu2 ,
    My Diabetes team wanted me to keep my blood sugars as close to 70-100 the entire time before delivery, to prevent the baby from having low blood sugar after birth. No matter what they are going to probably keep the baby in the NICU for observation because of the possibility of low blood sugars. They kept my son in there for a little less than 24 hours. His blood sugars were a bit on the lower side at first but, then they kept raising and then he was released from NICU. We were able to go down and see him, feed him etc…

    Before delivering you can eat anything for 24 hours so you are going to be closer to the pregnancy target anyway TRUST ME. I kept dropping then contractions would happen and I would raise a bit and then drop again. Be sure to carry your glucose.

  3. roxydoodle

    I had a scheduled csection because Maeve was breech. I turned off my pump prior to the surgery. As soon as she was delivered, I turned my pump back on- with my prepregnancy settings. Her blood sugar was 50 something I think but the neonatologist checked her out in the OR and she never went to the NICU. She was also 6#15oz. Good luck! Maura

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