Glucometer Working Principle

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Principles And Problems Of Blood Glucose Measurement

Although blood glucose measurement is commonly performed, the use of a whole-blood sample introduces complications and compromise in terms of the assay principle, the method of calibration and the expression of results. Most point-of-care systems are calibrated against a method chosen by the manufacturer for reference purposes and assumptions are made, not necessarily valid ones, that blood samples from different individuals will behave similarly in both the reference and point-of-care methods. While most conventional laboratory techniques measure blood glucose as concentration in plasma or whole blood, direct-reading electrode systems measure it as molality in mmol/kg water, which is numerically greater, but results are often factorized and expressed, e.g. as plasma glucose concentration. However, there is inconsistency and the variety of techniques and principles leads to some difficulty in comparing results of blood glucose measurements by different methods. It has been proposed that some uncertainty could be eliminated by expressing all results as plasma glucose concentration, irrespective of specimen type or analytical method used. Variation in blood sampling site can also int Continue reading >>

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    What the bloody deuce? OK, from what I understand, JW's aren't supposed to consume blood nor have blood transfusion. That has NOTHING to do with testing blood glucose levels. I'm a Type 2 diabetic who takes 20 - 25 units of insulin daily.

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