Gestational Diabetes Sudden Low Numbers

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Hypoglycemic When Pregnant

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar during pregnancy is a common problem in women with diabetes. This blood sugar complication can occur in pregnant women who have preexisting type 1 or type 2 diabetes or in women who have gestational diabetes -- which is usually diagnosed during the second trimester of pregnancy. Linked to the use of insulin or certain diabetes pills, hypoglycemia can cause symptoms such as shakiness, confusion and dizziness. Hypoglycemia rarely occurs in pregnant women without diabetes. Prevention and treatment are important as low blood sugar levels can have negative consequences for both the mom and baby. Video of the Day Hypoglycemia is traditionally defined as having a blood sugar below 70 mg/dl. However, because blood sugar levels run lower during pregnancy, the consensus of a work group of the American Diabetes Association and the Endocrine Society, in a report published in the May 2013 issue of "Diabetes Care," is that hypoglycemia in pregnancy can be defined as a level below 60 mg/dl. Low blood sugars have a sudden onset and can vary in intensity. Symptoms of mild hypoglycemia can resemble early pregnancy symptoms, including hunger, nausea, sleepiness, headac Continue reading >>

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  1. Old Dog

    Symptoms of low sugar. But still have high blood sugar.

    For years I have noticed that I am chronically severely hungry and have symptoms of low blood sugar even after short periods without eating. That was one of the reasons I initially contacted a doctor with suspicions that I was becoming diabetic. I had assumed that I normally have high blood sugar, though the most obvious symptoms was low blood sugar symptoms when I was fasting. The doctor confirmed that he thought that I was diabetic.
    I started on metformin and started to reduce my intake of sugar and other carbohydrates.
    I had assumed that my blood sugar was very low from my fasting and good diet symptoms. However much to my surprise when I got blood glucose meters I started checking my blood glucose when I became symptomatic of low blood sugar; my sugar was still high. While my blood sugar was lower than normal for myself, it was still higher than is recommended. It is as if in some ways my body has become accustomed to dangerously high blood sugar. I often have symptoms of low blood sugar even with a blood sugar level as high as 120-160.
    When my blood sugar gets closer to where it ought to be; I get extremely hungry, get tired, get weak, short-term memory gets worse, cognitive skills get worse, more easily get confused, get agitated/aggravated more easily, more blurry vision, sometimes get a headache, and sometimes get shaky. When I test myself when I feel like this, my blood sugar is higher than it ought to be, but lower than it normally is for me. If eat something I will feel better but get sleepy, take a short nap but wake up feeling better for a short while before feeling like my blood sugar is low again.
    I have a diabetic friend that says he has similar experiences. From comments on this messageboard I suspect others have similar symptoms.

    Originally Posted by furball64801
    I felt horrible when my numbers came down, the body just gets used to higher numbers and when you get a lower number you can feel bad. I have tried fruitlessly to get an explanation from doctors and other people in the medical community. The medical professionals that I have talked with about this, act like it is an unreal phenomena. They treat me like I am lying. Yet what I am telling them is the truth and some others seem to be experiencing the same or similar phenomena.
    I suspect I still need to bring my blood sugar down to a more medically acceptable level, unfortunately it seems as in many ways my body has become accustomed to a harmfully high level of blood sugar.
    Have others here have similar experiences? If so is this a somewhat common phenomena?
    Have any links that explain this phenomena?
    I'm hoping that if I can lower my blood sugar over time, that over time my body will become reacustom to more normal healthy blood sugar levels.

  2. gap2368

    yes if you have high blood sugar level a normal or near normal can feel low,
    one thing I do is have some protean like chess or meat and maybe some carbs like 5 or so drink some water can help too

  3. AnnC

    Yep, what you are getting are false hypos. There are lots of threads and posts here about them.
    When we have high BG for a long time, our bodies get used to that and try to keep it there. So when numbers drop much below what we're used to, we get the same symptoms as a real low.
    The thing is not to treat these false hypos with carbs. If you feel you must eat something, make it cheese or nuts. They will go away as your BG comes down, and the less you treat them the sooner they'll stop happening. I only ever had one, and it was only 4.4, a couple of weeks after diagnosis. The symptoms disappeared within a few minutes.

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