Feel Shaky But Blood Sugar Is Normal

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Blood Sugar 911

CBN.com - After experiencing periods of increased jittery nerves, violent trembling, and fainting – all signs of severely low blood sugar – author Dennis Pollock was on a mission to change his diet. Christmas Scare It should have been a pleasant night. It was the Christmas season, and we had just returned from our annual Christmas trip to Grandma’s house. We were sitting in our living room, watching a videotape that was one of my sons’ Christmas presents. I wasn’t having fun. It was happening again. Less than three hours after we had eaten supper I could feel that cold chill on my arms and those jittery telltale indicators that my blood-sugar levels were falling way too low. I quietly slipped out of the room and went into the bathroom to check my blood sugar with my glucometer—a device I had been totally ignorant of a year earlier but was now all too familiar with. As I suspected, my blood-sugar level was dangerously low, so low I knew I needed to take action fast. Grabbing a can of Coke, I drank the entire contents in under a minute. Now my blood sugar went the other way. Another test revealed the level had gone from 40 mg/dl to about 170 in a very short time. 1 (The n Continue reading >>

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  1. AnnaO

    Hi All,
    Is it possible with AI to get hypoglycemic type symptoms (feeling sick, headachy, slight confusion, slight dizziness), but not be hypoglycemic - that is, blood sugar shows in normal range?
    Maybe I have these symptoms from being low on cortisol vs being low in blood sugar? I get these hypoglycemic feelings at least a couple of times per day and have to eat to feel better (and eating a combination of complex carbs/sugars/protein helps). But I test my blood sugar regularly and it never falls below normal range - in fact it is at the high end of normal.
    Any thoughts/input?

  2. ITeach91

    Anna,You've got me stumped. Could it be an insulin resistance factor?

  3. bob3bob3

    Low BP can also cause those symptoms. So can low oxygen!
    Does "Couple of times a day" actually correlate with low BG tests? Remember that levels can change quick.

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