Fasting Blood Sugar Test After 12 Hours

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Understanding Fasting Blood Sugar

Among the most common questions people have about Type 2 diabetes is this: how can they lower their fasting blood sugar? To answer this question in a way that will help you lower your blood sugar we are going to have to first explain why doctors measure fasting blood sugar and what it does--and does not--tell us about our blood sugar health. WHAT IS FASTING BLOOD SUGAR? Traditionally, fasting blood sugar is the value you get when you test your blood sugar after an 8 hour long fast--which is usually immediately upon waking. In a normal person this fasting blood sugar would also be the "baseline" blood sugar--the level to which blood sugar returns a few hours after every meal all day long. However, for reasons we will discuss later on, this is often NOT the case for people with Type 2 diabetes, whose morning blood sugars may be much higher than the baseline level they achieve after meals for the rest of the day. Doctors have for decades relied on the FPG (fasting plasma glucose) test which measures fasting blood sugar to diagnose diabetes. The reason for this is NOT that FPG test results predict diabetic complications. They don't. Post-meal blood sugar tests are a much better indicat Continue reading >>

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  1. Oxboy

    Sorry, I'm sure this has been addressed and I did a forum search but didn't find exactly the same scenario:
    I'm 41 male and have about 30 lbs of fat to lose. Blood glucose testing all my life had always been 85-95 through fat and thin.
    Went primal 6 weeks ago and have lost 6 or 7 lbs so it's working and I feel great.
    Had a blood draw after 12 hour fast the other day and BG was 125. Actually felt a little lightheaded during the draw, which was a first for me ever giving blood.
    Not really alarmed but just curious what's happening with the 125 level. Is this the fat stores releasing into my blood from going primal and making the reading high? Is it less insulin in my blood? Since I was feeling a little woozy, did my muscles/liver/fat dump emergency extra glucose into my blood and spike the readings?
    Thanks for any insight.

  2. Lily Marie

    If you have access to a meter, check your morning(12 hour) fast level, then 1 hour after eating, 2 hours after eating and 3 hours after eating.
    The numbers should be
    Fasting 85 or less
    1hr post meal is less than 140
    2 hours post meal is less than 125
    3 hours post meal is back to fasting level
    If you have dawn phenomenon(sp?) your morning fasting number may be higher than the "normal" 85< - BUT, your 3 hour post meal number should be 85 or less, not the elevated morning number.
    If any of your numbers are higher than the ranges - then you have an insulin problem and your body is not handling the sugars it's igesting properly.
    Blood test meters are pretty cheap and can be purchased online or at places like walmart and such.
    A single high test from the doctor may be a fluke, but if it's a regular thing and not dawn phenomenon, it may be a problem.

  3. Moochy

    When was your prior glucose test? 95 is getting close to around 100+ where you start to enter the pre diabetes area. Your 125 indicates you may just have entered the level for type II diabetes. Sumpin is going on.

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