Fasting Blood Sugar 103 Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational Diabetes After Delivery

Short-term management and long-term risks After the intensified treatment often required for treating gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), clinicians may be tempted to relax after delivery of the baby. If it is assumed that no further management is needed, an excellent opportunity to improve the future health status of these high-risk women may be lost. There are special concerns for the early postpartum care of women with GDM. Encouragement and facilitation of exclusive breastfeeding is very important because of the profound short-term as well as long-term health benefits to the infant and the reduced risks for subsequent obesity and glucose intolerance demonstrated in many breastfeeding women. A method of contraception should be chosen that does not increase the risk of glucose intolerance in the mother. Some women with GDM will have persisting hyperglycemia in the days after delivery that will justify medical management for diabetes and perhaps for hypertension, microalbuminuria, and dyslipidemia. Treatment should be maintained according to the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association and other relevant organizations and adjusted for the needs of lactation. Treatment shou Continue reading >>

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  1. R

    High fasting number- Gestational Diabetes

    I know there is a GD board but I think I'll get a quicker response here. I have not been diagnosed but I failed my 1 hour with a 151 and my doctor doesn't think it's necessary for me to take the three hour. I decided to buy a meter and monitor my levels at home. My levels are really good through out the day, staying right around 100 but I am worried about my fasting number. I've only taken it for two days now but my first was 107 and today was 103. It seems like ladies on the GD board are taking insulin at night to help control high fasting numbers like these. I have a doctors appointment this week and I'll be taking my log and discussing this with my doctor. I'm just freaked out. I'm following the diet, I'm having the bedtime snack. I know I need to keep looking for a bedtime snack that helps my number.

    I guess my question is what are your typical fasting numbers?

  2. RNay312

    I was just diagnosed last week. I'm surprised they didn't want you to do a 3 hour. My glucose was 153 at the 1 hour and they almost didn't even want me to bother with the 3 hour and just diagnose me right there. I would for sure ask to do a 3 hour. Being diagnosed and getting under control is so very important. I'm a NICU nurse and see babies with all sorts of problems from GD.
    My fastings have been 67-77. My others have been 89-125 but I am following a pretty strict diabetic diet and I walk for at least 15 minutes after every single meal.

    If I were you I would definitely ask to do a 3 hour. It is really boring but the drink wasn't so bad. Plus it would put your mind at ease to get an official diagnosis. Good luck and keep us posted!

  3. MissLexi444

    I am in the exact same boat, I failed the 1 hour with a 164, went back for the 3 hour but threw it up so they have me checking my sugar 4 times a day to determine if I have gd. My after meal numbers are consistently good, usually between 90-110, but my fasting numbers are always right around 100. I've even been eating super early (at like 6pm) so that when I have to take it the next morning, I have had a full 12 hours without any food. Should I be eating a snack at bedtime? In the middle of the night? I don't get it!

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