Falling Asleep After Eating Diabetes

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Feeling Drugged / Extremely Drowsy / Sleepy After Eating?

Hello. I feel extremely drowsy like I'm drugged or something after eating certain foods. This includes oatmeal, white bread and candy, and I think to a lesser extent most food. My blood sugar is normal before eating and after, and I've been tested for diabetes multiple times as well as for celiac and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, all negative. What could cause such a reaction? How long after you have eaten do you get symptoms ? How long do they last ? Do you have any symptoms on waking day after. Whats your day to day diet ? The symptoms last for about 2 hours. It hits immediately after eating one of these foods, but it slowly disappears on taking naps and drinking water. I only have symptoms the next day if I eat one of these foods before going to sleep. My day to day diet isn't really very good, and consistst mainly of cheese sandwitches and dinner, as I have had to eliminate several foods due to gastro symptoms. Hi wk, this could be from a few different causes. Full list of every symptom you suffer would help work out which 1 or more its likely to be. So common causes can be low stomach acid. (Other signs would be weak nails, chronic fatigue, extreme dry skin, multiple food Continue reading >>

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  1. newyorker

    Fall asleep after meals

    I can't begin to count how many times i've become very tired or have fallen asleep after i eat.tonight before eating my bg was 152 i had roast chicken w string beans.3o.min later i fell asleep for twenty minutes.i haven't check my bg because it hasn't been 2 hours since i've eaten .i take metformin 1000mg 1 with breakfast ,1 with dinner. Does anyone else have this problem ?

  2. laserladyofla

    I have had that happen, but only after eating too many carbs so that my glucose level went above 160 or so. Roast chicken with string beens shouldn't do that!

  3. jwags

    If I eat too many carbs I will get tired but it doesn't seem like chicken and beans would be too many carbs. Are you taking 1000 or 2000 of metformin? Your before meal number (152) is a little high. What are your other numbers during the day.

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