Falling Asleep After Eating Diabetes

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Diabetes Health Flashback From The First Ever Diabetes Blogger: It All Started With Tingling Fingers

About a month ago I was driving to Santa Cruz and noticed a tingling in my fingers. It got worse when I put my hands up on the steering wheel and better when I rested them on the bottom. During this two-hour drive, it was a struggle to keep my fingers from falling asleep. Soon after, I began to wake up often during the night, having to reposition my hands so they would stop tingling. My first fear was of neuropathy. I asked myself, “Is this how it starts?” Before I confronted that possibility, I wanted to rule out other things. I went to my chiropractor who thought one of my cervical neck vertebra was out of alignment. He adjusted my back and neck, but it provided no relief. Diagnosis From a Friend I finally told a friend about how, when I push down on my wrist, sparkles and fireworks seem to run up to my fingers. He said, “That sounds just like carpal tunnel syndrome.” His words hit me hard. “Don’t I have enough to deal with with diabetes?” I thought. “This can’t be happening to me.” He told me what carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) means. CTS occurs when the median nerve is compressed where it passes through a narrow tunnel of bone and ligament in the wrist. The te Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. kiwi777


    whenever i eat bread, mashed potatoes i go to sleep within 10 15 min…i feel real tired…what is that?

  2. MrsCDogg

    At my house we just call it the "Carb coma"..lol. It's why a lot of folks call starchy stuff comfort food. It makes them sleepy.

  3. berrykins0

    i get tired if i don't eat on time.i can tell i need carbs

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Diabetes Fall Asleep After Eating Sugar

Should you've ever had dangerous sleep night after evening, you understand how maddening it may be. You lie awake in mattress for hours feeling exhausted, bewildered, and annoyed, eager for sleep that eludes you. Here, Dr. Gina Lundberg, a preventive heart specialist with Emory Healthcare and a national spokesperson for the American Coronary heart Affiliation, presents a number of tips for falling asleep earlier and staying asleep longer. She suggests taking a pleasant heat tub, taking your cellphone out of your room, and turning off your lights nicely before you truly wish to fall asleep. You probably have bother falling to sleep one evening, it's higher to depart the bedroom and read quietly than to try even more durable to go to sleep. A warm tub, especially with just a little lavender oil, will decelerate your physique's activity and make it simpler to go to sleep. If he protests, rock him in your arms as he falls asleep when you're standing. The comic complement may deliver a pallid smile to my face, and then I would fall asleep. When you aren't accustomed to listening to music or are simply awoken by a sound, sleeping while listening in all probability is not the best thing f Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Yahya Firoze

    This is what’s commonly referred to as Post-prandial Hypoglycemia.
    When you eat a heavy meal, especially one high in carbohydrates (pizza, pasta, etc), your gut is breaking down absorbing those carbohydrates into the bloodstream. This will increase the glucose content in your blood. Your pancreas detect all this glucose and decide to release Insulin. One of the reason for the release of insulin is so that the glucose can enter into your body cells (and thus your cells can use that glucose for much needed energy).
    When you eat a heavy carbohydrate meal (the best example being a heavy pizza meal), your pancreas can hypersecrete insulin into your bloodstream, which basically means your pancreas may release excessive insulin into the bloodstream. This increased amount of insulin can cause excessive glucose to leave your bloodstream and enter into your body cells. Therefore, that may leave your bloodstream low on glucose and thus you have what is known as Post-prandial hypoglycemia. This will cause you to feel sleepy (although it isnt the only mechanism in your body that causes you to feel sleepy after a heavy meal — ‘rest and digest’). Over time, the glucose and insulin levels in your blood will adjust on their own and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. (Also, note, this is by no means the ONLY physiological explanation for this phenomenon and it by no means absolutely negates the presence of any significant underlying pathology)

  2. Mahesh Kanniah

    No. Almost everyone feels sleepy after food caus the digestive process takes away the energy and you feel sleepy.
    What people do is either they change the food to something lighter and others cover it up with caffeine/nicotine.
    It's perfectly normal to feel sleepy after food. Just make sure you eat slowly and chew the food well enough and you should be good.
    Frequent urination and other symptoms determine if you are diabetic. Get your sugar levels checked.

  3. Ron Hunter

    Feeling sleepy after you eat could be the content of your food but it also could very well mean that you’re pre-diabetic. Right before I got full blown diabetes, if I ate something like pasta I would be so sleepy that I almost could not stay awake. Now one sign I use for having my blood sugar high is feeling sleepy after meals.

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Why Do I Fall Asleep After Meals?

Do you feel sleey after eating meals? If yes, then have you ever wondered why? Whatever you call it mid-afternoon dullness, sleepiness, drowsiness or tiredness,this phenomena happens for a reason. If you're not clear about the reasons, you must read this article to find out them and to know if you should be alarmed about it! Why Are You Falling Asleep After Eating? It gets difficult for most people to keep their eyes open after eating; this is not due to laziness. In fact, you may find it interesting that there are clear biological reasons that may explain why some people experience absolute fatigue after eating. 1. Natural Body Function Some healthcare professionals and experts associate the types of food people eat with the after-effects on the energy levels. However, the sleepy feeling after eating has more to do with the increased tendency towards the sleep naturally. The two most important factors that are directly affected are the sleep drives and the circadian rhythm. The chemical accumulation in our brains controls the sleep drive which further determines the time a person stays awake or asleep after the meal. The more time a person stays up, the more adenosine builds up.Th Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Lilliepop

    Hello. I think I have ask ask about this problem before but now it's much worst. I used to fall asleep after eating anything with sugar after about half an hour, now I am dropping off to sleep after eating anything and almost straight away. I just did it to day had some cottage cheese and ham and when I finished just went to sleep it's like almost passing out I was sitting up looking on my PC. It's horrible. Was wondering if anyone has this problem or what is making me do this?
    My husband used to think it funny but now he doesn't it's worrying. Also I have a slight headache when I come round like a bit of a hangover. I have one Dr saying I'm prediabetic and another one at the hospital saying I'm not.

  2. Squire Fulwood

    I do this all the time. Instead of feeling guilty I just go with it. The longest I sleep is half an hour but more often about ten minutes and then I pop up and feel well. Stop feeling guilty and divorce the husband.

  3. Lilliepop

    Yes but you feel good when you wake up I feel dreadful. Are you prediabetic? How long have you done this? And is it after eating anything say cheese for instance no carbs?

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