Does The Liver Produce Insulin

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Fatty Liver, Insulin And Glucose Metabolism

Ketogenic Diet, Metabolic Syndrome, Weight Loss I decided to write this article to connect concepts in other articles I have written, but I also wanted to demonstrate how sugar and insulin drive metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease, and not fats which are often made out to be the bad guys. This is part of metabolic syndrome which is a subject to big to discuss in one article. In very simple terms, if you eat a lot of sugar, carbohydrates, grains or starches, and you don’t exercise enough to burn this off, your blood sugar levels will go up, right? Your liver acts like a storage unit, so with all this sugar in the blood and nowhere to go, the liver will suck it up and store it as glycogen. When the liver is full and there’s no more space for more sugar it will change the sugar to cholesterol and spit it back out into the blood to go store somewhere else as fat. Some of this fat can also store in the liver, known as fatty liver. This is the short explanation. Now. For those of you who want to know how this works… So how is blood sugar controlled? There are 3 hormones that are directly responsible for blood sugar control: Insulin is produced in response to an increase in b Continue reading >>

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  1. dkellis

    What is the best time of day to take insulin ?

    I it better to take long acting insulin in the morning or in the evening? I take 50 units of Levemir at night before bed and my numbers are starting to run high the next morning.

  2. msann

    i take mine 14 units at around 10 and 6 in the morning i been diabetic 17 yrs it working good getting under 8 for a1c!!

  3. Gabby

    I was recommended to take my dose 12 hour apart. So it kind of depends on when I take the first one of the day. I usually do a 7:00 am and a before dinner dose.
    If you are getting high numbers in the morning it could be that the dose is too much and you drop low over night and your body kicks in. It is something I would talk to the doctor about. See if splitting it helps. I don't take Levemir, so I am not sure how it is supposed to be used. Many of them now come with different kids of dosing instructions.

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