Does Ketosis Damage Liver

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Why Is My Body Not Using Ketone Bodies All The Time?

There is no scientific evidence that ketones are a better source of energy than glucose for the brain. If that were the case, evolution would have lead to chronic ketosis. Your liver only produces ketones when carbohydrates are in short supply and fat is available. This is a physiologic system designed to deal with fasting or during periods when plant-based foods aren’t available in amounts needed to meet the brain’s needs. Ketones are also elevated in obesity and diabetes. Only certain regions of the brain can use ketones. They can supply up to 70% of the brain’s energy needs. You still need some glucose to fully fuel the brain. High levels of ketones may produce ketoacidosis, a dangerous condition sometimes seen in untreated diabetics. There are some situations where ketones may have a neuroprotective effect following brain damage. Ketones may also be useful for people having epilepsy. There aren’t any studies showing that these benefits extend to brains that haven’t been injured or stressed. You can get a fuller discussion here: Clinical review: Ketones and brain injury and here: The fat-fueled brain: unnatural or advantageous? and here: There don’t seem to be any st Continue reading >>

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  1. momomentos

    Hello! This is my second day at a low carb/keto attempt. I am a pretty active(hot yoga, gym, walking) 23, female, 5’8" and 145lbs.
    Yesterday (the first day)
    -I ate 3154 calories! (148g carbs/18%, 241g fat, 66%, 130 g protein, 16%)
    I took a multivitamin, two omega 3s, extra vitamin c
    -I was feeling pretty good until around 730 pm.
    -Started getting dizzy, cranky, tired but wired
    -Didn’t want to eat anymore because I had already eaten almost 3000 calories and I feel like just because I am doing keto doesn’t mean I can eat unlimited calories, correct?
    -Well when I went to go to sleep, my head was hurting, my muscles were cramping and i could NOT sleep - an issue i am very unfamiliar with.
    -I did not have cravings majority of the day until this point
    -I tried licking some salt
    -I tried a 200 mg magnesium pill
    -i ended up eating 12 chocolate covered almonds which = 275 calories of the 3154 so I still had almost 3000 for the entire day.
    -before keto i was eating 2500 max.
    -After “binge” went into a half sleep like state for the rest of the night - night sweats and weakness until 7 am when i woke up unable to fall back asleep.
    Day 2:
    -Ate 3152 calories (130 g carbs, 16%, 230g fat, 64%, 155g protein, 20%)
    took two multivtamins this time (one in morning, one in evening)
    -two omega 3 supplements
    -One emergen-C packet (includes electrolytes)
    -1 200 mg magnesium pilll
    magnesium salt bath
    -eating plain salt
    -drinking and peeing my life away
    -Felt nauseous in morning
    -Ate my eggs and ghee anyway
    -Took a giant poop ! (tmi?haha)
    -Felt really really good until about 11:30 am - refed my keto friendly foods which helped for about an hour and then it all went downhill from there.
    -Super weak, irritable and foggy
    -was in cooking class for nutrition school (I am new still, that is why I cant answer this question yet!) and only had a small taste of the hummus we made on a cucumber
    -no cravings at this point, just weakness
    -Went home and had almond milk with two tbsps of coconut oil and spices and salt to try to help.
    -helped a bit so i went to hot yoga (weaker than usual)
    -Got back took the magnesium bath
    -thought i was going to nail it
    -laying in bed googling things and then my muscles started twitching like crazy! I aleady took so many supplements i didnt wnat to take more so i ate some salt (quite a bit of salt)
    -insomnia once again
    -weird sweaty feeling
    -ended up eating 10 chocolate covered almonds
    -didnt help
    -ate a bun and a knock off quest bar.
    my “binge” cost me around 600 calories from my total above
    -i am feeling still starving but a little sleepier and the cramping has mostly stopped.
    Does anyone have any advice or explanation?
    It seems to be the biggest issue at night, especially because I can not sleep!!
    I suppose the second day (today) i could have tried eating more fat, but I didnt want to eat much more than 2500 calories.

    Should I even be worrying about how many calories im eating at this point?
    Could I have been in ketosis with that amount of carbs?
    Why even with all the suppllements/water/salt, etc. am i experiencing muscle cramping ?!

  2. Zimon

    My plain and simple advice would be: further cut down on carbs and stop exercising. You are putting a lot of strain on your body if your that active and try to transition to a new fuel source.
    your current nutritional profile isn’t keto, so if keto adaptation is your goal, then I would go that router described above. Also try upping your magnesium and potassium intake from keto-friendly sources like nuts and leafy, green vegetables (preferably spinach, kale etc.) it seems your muscles need more of that stuff.

    also: don’t restrict calories for the first week(s). Just listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full and eat mostly fat with a bit of protein in it every meal. Only eat nutrient dense foods e.g. avoid eating pure butter just for the sake of hitting macros. You can supplement every meal with butter, though!

  3. MooBoom

    130 g carbs, 16%, 230g fat, 64%, 155g protein, 20%
    You’re not keto, by a long shot. Your target carbs (total) should be 20g or under. Protein as a rule- = 1-1.5g per kilo of lean body mass. With the exercise you’re doing I’d go 1.5g. The rest- eat fat to satiety.
    Eat when hungry. Stop when full.
    You will need potassium, magnesium and salt to get you through the first few days/weeks as your body kicks the carb addiction. Drink tonnes of water- don’t exercise unless your body has abundant energy- rest.
    I thought I was keto on 50g carb a day, but I wasn’t and still had the keto flu for 2 weeks when I cut down to 20g a day. So worth it now those weeks are behind me though.

    Check out the FAQ’s section here on the forums, and I highly recommend that you listen to the dudes podcasts on getting started. You have much to learn grasshopper but we are here to help you!

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