Do Blood Sugar Levels Rise When Sick

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Keeping Your Blood Sugar Stable With The Common Cold

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written by patient expert Jackie Smith. The common cold has been uncommonly common for me in recent months. I typically get maybe one cold a year but this season, in spite of getting the flu and H1N1 shots, I succumbed to the onslaught of viruses hurled my way. I’m currently wrapping up the latest attack - congestion, sore throat, cough, overall tiredness - with a lingering throaty voice that makes me sound like a 30-year smoker or teen queen Miley Cyrus. When I’m sick I prefer to escape from the world, stay under covers, watch cartoons or Hammer horror films, eat gummy candy and drink Vitamin water. All these things I did do, but in the interest of becoming a more responsible type 2 diabetes patient I read up on what I SHOULD do. When you are sick, your body reacts by releasing hormones to fight infection. These hormones raise blood sugar levels and at the same time make it more difficult for insulin to lower blood sugar. As a result, when you are sick, it is harder to keep your blood sugar in your target range. Here are some guidelines to follow when you are ill: Check your blood sugar every four hours. Check your temperature regul Continue reading >>

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  1. otaku30

    How much does being sick jack up your blood sugar levels?

    My apologies if this has been covered somewhere else - couldn't find anything with a few searches.
    How much does being sick screw up your blood sugars?
    I am starting either a cold or flu and my readings have gone up a ways.
    Last night pre-dinner I was at 114 - usually between 90 and 100. After having my usual meal which generally lands me at 110 two hours after I was at 150. This morning I was at 160 instead of my usual 120. Two hours after my standard breakfast and a 15 minute walk my blood sugar is at 123.
    To compound matters I am just getting over a gout attack in both feet so exercise options are a bit limited for a while.
    Since I use diet/exercise to control by blood sugar it looks like I am in for a bit of a roller coaster ride.
    Was wondering what you fine folks do to help control your blood sugars when sick.

  2. Rob

    When I am sick I up my insulin. I am conservative about the upticks, and meter more often until I am sure about my dosages.

  3. Greeneys6

    Rich being ill can always cause an increase in the levels. Since you aren't on any medications at this point, I would say to stay hydrated and possibly lower your carbs per meal a little. But it will run it's course and you should come back to normal in a few days.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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