Can You Share Glucose Meters?

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One Drop Chrome Comprehensive Review

For those with diabetes, you know that a blood glucose meter is one of the most crucial aspects of managing this chronic condition. The costs for testing strips have been increasing all across the board. Those with Type 1 diabetes must test upwards of 15 times a day, and those with Type 2 , must test more frequently to try to keep their blood glucose levels within their target range. Insurance companies are trying to dictate not only the brand of blood glucose meter , but the total number of strips that patients need throughout the month. People begin playing the deadly game of going without testing to try to conserve strips. Paying out of pocket is often not a convenient option because prices are for lack of better words, ridiculous. Most name brand testing strips now cost more than $1.00 per strip. Before we continue with this article, I wanted to let you know we have researched and compiled science-backed ways to stick to your diet and reverse your diabetes. Want to check out our insights? Download our free PDF Guide Power Foods to Eat here. The One Drop Chrome Blood Glucose Meter was launched on December 6, 2016, after receiving clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administra Continue reading >>

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  1. Malloy

    My DH's 70 year old (sexually active) father is visiting with his new Diabetes/blood sugar testing machine..... my DH decided to test his blood sugar and used his father's needle prick testing machine.
    Should I be worried? I'm assuming that a sharing a needle is sharing a needle, yeah?
    If so, does anyone know how long std tests take to get back? We're trying to conceive baby #3!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

  2. Velociraptor

    Well... define sexually active. Is he in a monogamous, long-term relationship? Or is he out on the prowl?

  3. Just-Mummy-And-Son

    eww he used the same needle? I thought they had different needles?

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