Can You Share A Glucose Meter

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Infection Transmission Associated With Point Of Care Testing And The Laboratory’s Role In Risk Reduction

Go to: Abstract Lack of knowledge and confusion exists regarding safe and appropriate use of blood glucose monitoring equipment. Increasing numbers of diabetics, and exponential growth in blood glucose monitoring presents increased opportunities for infection transmission between patients. Diabetics have increased exposure to blood and blood borne pathogens from frequent blood glucose monitoring. Risk factors have been identified in infectious outbreaks and by analysis of testing practice. Point of care blood glucose meters are frequently contaminated by blood. Bacterial and viral organisms survive on surfaces and in dried blood. Instrumentation is shared between patients, and is heavily utilized in institutional settings, so that serial testing is performed on multiple patients within a short timeframe. Hand hygiene, glove changes and meter disinfection between testing events has been found to be inconsistent. Time pressure for meter usage competes with proper cleaning and disinfection procedures. Meter storage areas are frequently contaminated by blood. Multi-use lancets, improperly used for serial patient blood sampling, are a source for infection transmission. Test strips in vi Continue reading >>

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  1. Malloy

    My DH's 70 year old (sexually active) father is visiting with his new Diabetes/blood sugar testing machine..... my DH decided to test his blood sugar and used his father's needle prick testing machine.
    Should I be worried? I'm assuming that a sharing a needle is sharing a needle, yeah?
    If so, does anyone know how long std tests take to get back? We're trying to conceive baby #3!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

  2. Velociraptor

    Well... define sexually active. Is he in a monogamous, long-term relationship? Or is he out on the prowl?

  3. Just-Mummy-And-Son

    eww he used the same needle? I thought they had different needles?

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