Can You Drink Water Before Taking Glucose Test?

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One Hour Glucose Test Instructions

Your one hour glucose test (also called “28 week labs”) can be done at any time of day. Drink all of the glucola beverage within a five minute period. Do not eat or drink other fluids after drinking the glucola. (A small amount of water is okay.) Arrive at the lab (with your lab) slip 40 minutes after you finished drinking your glucola to allow time for check in. Your blood needs to be drawn 1 hour after you have finished drinking the glucola. Bring a high-protein snack (such as crackers and cheese or peanut butter) to eat after your lab is drawn. Please note that although you may eat prior to drinking the glucola it is important not to have eaten sugary foods. This may alter your test results. We will have your test results available at your next scheduled office visit. If your results are abnormal, additional testing will be ordered and we will call you to schedule those tests. Continue reading >>

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  1. Barnet Love

    Drinking water at night before taking a fasting glucose test in the morning

    I read on Web MD that drinking less than 8 hours before a fasting blood test can affect results. Does this include drinking water?
    I'm 63, male, and often will get up 1-2 times in the middle of the night to urinate. I've started drinking a couple swallows of water each time, to hydrate and allow the body to eliminate toxins. What does everyone think of that? Will this affect test results?

  2. Pegsy

    My doctor says it's OK to drink clear, calorie free liquids before a fasting glucose test. She would prefer that than for me to be dehydrated.

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