Blood Sugar Levels During Pregnancy After Eating

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Managing Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is diagnosed during pregnancy when your body cannot cope with the extra demand for insulin production resulting in high blood glucose levels. Gestational diabetes is managed by monitoring blood glucose levels, adopting a healthy eating plan and performing regular physical activity. Effective management of gestational diabetes will reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and the birth of your baby. Your healthcare team including your doctor, specialist, dietician and Credential Diabetes Educator, can help you with blood glucose monitoring, healthy eating and physical activity. There are three basic components in effectively managing gestational diabetes: monitoring blood glucose levels adopting a healthy eating pattern physical activity. Gestational diabetes can often initially be managed with healthy eating and regular physical activity. However, for some women with gestational diabetes, insulin injections will be necessary for the rest of the pregnancy. Approximately 10 – 20% of women will need insulin; however, once the baby is born insulin is no longer needed. This is safe for both you and your baby. After the baby is born, gestational diabetes u Continue reading >>

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  1. Indadhanu

    I've been diagnosed with GD after a GTT and a 2-hour level of 8.1mmol/L.
    The diabetes educator yesterday gave us all the information and told us to call straight away if we had three high BSLs in a row: over 5.5mmol?l fasting, or over 6.7mmol/L 2hrs after meals.
    I'm having the opposite problem, and I'm not sure if it's good or worrying?
    Aside from yesterday when I had *cough* McDonalds *cough* for lunch and got a 7.4mmol/L (this was after a 3.8mmol/L reading at the appointment 2.5 hours after a breakfast a coffee with milk, and 3 weetbix with milk! so it was sort of an experiment to see what would happen after McDonalds... In all fairness, it was a large fries and a double cheeseburger, so the high reading was less than surprising!)
    My readings have been: after dinner was 4.2mmol/L, my fasting this morning was 3.7mmol/L, and 3.9mmol/L after breakfast (again, 3 weetbix with milk, and a coffee with milk and 1 sugar).
    I had a Milo at 8pm after I got the 4.2 last night as a treat, it didn't effect my fasting results though (not sure if it should have anyway), and I ate an apple at 9.30am after I got the 3.9, I was feeling a bit woozy, I'm still feeling a little icky and really hungry and I think I will probably eat a 'normal sized' lunch of chicken, cheese, mayo and salad on white bread to see what happens with my levels...
    Of course, I'll call them if the reading is in the 3's or 4's again.
    But just wondering, do these levels seem a bit low for GD? I'm not on any medication, I only got the diagnosis last Thursday and got the monitor yesterday morning. I haven't made huge changes, in fact that is my usual breakfast minus the sugar I usually have on it that I will probably add back into my breakfast (as sugar or fruit or yoghurt).
    I was expecting quite high results, and was prepared to make quite drastic changes if necessary (my diet is quite healthy and well balanced, but certainly not what would be considered low carbs and I do usually have treats like ice cream or hot chips when I feel like them... I am pregnant after all LOL ), so this is a bit of a relief but now of course I'm worrying it seems 'too easy', and something else is wrong to cause such a high ! I've Googled (as you do) and Dr Google says women with GD rarely have blood sugar levels below 5mmol/L after eating, unless they are eating extremely low or no carb meals. Would you classify 3 weet bix and a serve of milk as low carbs...? Maybe my diet is better than I thought?

  2. Nai

    With the test was it the one that you had to fast overnight for? I had 8.1 on my first Glucose test and they retested me as it was considered borderline and could have been a result of what I had eaten. The retest showed that I had no GD at all so I'm wondering if you really do have GD. Can you get a retest?

  3. delphmoon

    What insulin are you on? If any?
    Your levels are ok although yes their on the low side....maybe you need to introduce more carbs?
    I would definatly contact your educator as they would gI've you the correct information....Im not really familiar with gd as much as type 1 &2 diabetes.

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