Blood Sugar 60 After Eating

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Controlling After-Meal Blood Glucose Highs Today’s the big day! After months of working hard to achieve tight blood glucose control and actually succeeding most of the time, you’re about to get the result of your latest glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) test, the blood test that gives you an indication of your overall blood glucose control over the previous 2–3 months. “It’s just got to be lower than last time,” you think as you wait in your doctor’s exam room. “I’ve been good. Really good. My average on my meter is lower than it’s been in years. He’s going to be impressed for sure. No lectures about the risks associated with a high A1c this time! I’ll be out of here in 10 minutes, easy.” In walks your doctor, with the results of your latest lab work in hand. Thirty minutes later, after a series of careful examinations and a lengthy lecture on the need to get your HbA1c down, you walk out shaking your head. “I don’t get it. How can my A1c still be so high? My mealtime readings are almost always where they should be. It just doesn’t make sense. Maybe the lab made a mistake. Maybe my blood is different from everyone else’s.” Or maybe you’ve been th Continue reading >>

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  1. kmesoo1

    I think I am hypoglycemic but I can't get my endoctrinologist to do a 3 hour glucose test..is it normal for my blood sugar to drop to 60... 30 minutes after eating. When I check my sugar level in the morning it is usually 70-75.
    I am having very bad blurred vision, extreme fatigue, dizziness, shakes, nervousness, sweating...etc.

  2. slurpies

    A doctor told me just yesterday that 60 was normal.
    And I suppose for some people it can be.
    I would say if you're feeling bad, it's hypoglycemia.
    My normal range was always 85-120, if I'd go under 85, I would feel it.
    I am also waking up between 70-75 and it is NOT normal for me, I feel bad at that range.
    I feel much worse in the 60s.
    Years ago the normal blood sugar range was 80-120, now, it's 70-120.
    Personally, 70s are bad for me.
    I would find a new endo and demand a Glucose tolderance or a 72 hour fasting sugar test.
    If you want some answers until then, I would reccomend going to walmart, buying the $9 relion meter, and a pack of 50-100 test strips (44 cent per strip).
    The WalMart brand matches every vein draw I've EVER had within 5 points, which is AMAZING. It's usually 1 point off. I own 6 different meters by the way.
    Anyways, your first meal of the day, check your sugar prior, then eat, and then test every 10-15 minutes or so. This may tell you if your sugar is going up very fast and then your insulin is kicking in very hard and knocking you down too low.
    I would say nip this thing in the bud before it gets to a very bad level like I'm currently at.
    Try eating 100 percent whole grains, all complex carbs, no refined. Add fats and proteins, NO simple sugars for a few days and see if you still drop.

  3. cutiepye

    I have recently went to the doctor i think that i am hypoglycemic and him too but i have to wait my blood sugar continues to go down and i feel real sick it was 64 and i was looking for food and i was very scared and i got it up to 91 but it is a struggle when you do not know what to do to manage this i do not have a meter i am check only at the doctor or hospital i am very scared i do not know if it is diabetes or if it is just a liver problem i am on antidepressant and have been on them for several years i do not know if it is liver function or diabetes please help if you have any of the symptoms that i have then please feel free to give advice

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