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368 Test#3: Glucose Control

What is the most common metabolic disorder? What two things characterize diabetes mellitus? Alterations in metabolism of fats, proteins, and glucose Is glucose control a simple or complicated process? The "end organ" complications associated wih diabetes mellitus are related to what? Thickening of basement membranes and resultan decreased blood flow to that area Treatment of diabetes involves a combination of what? Agents that stimulate insulin release or alter glucose absorption How many people in the United States have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus? Whar system is directly affected by the serum levels of glucose? -The CNS takes in glucose by diffusion: too much will cause water to infiltrate CNS, causing swelling & nerve instability// too little will mean less energy for nerve function & loss of membrane integrity What is the leading energy source of the body? The body's conrol of glucose is intricately related to what? Metabolism of fat and proteins (and many factors can impact this ability to maintain homeostais) What is the endocrine part of the pancreas called? What three types of cells are found in the Islets of Langerhans? (in Pancreas) What do the alpha cells of t Continue reading >>

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  1. songbird

    Is this a dangerous glucose level....I'm so confused please help :(

    I've not been diagnosed by any doctor but have just been testing at home with my glucometer for the past few weeks because my younger brother, who was diagnosed four years ago with diabetes, was hospitalized-it sorta scared me into going ahead and buying a meter to start monitoring mine. My numbers are FINE in the morning 95 percent of the time=fasting numbers are in normal range. Arn't these the numbers I want to look at? I do random testing throughout the day everyday and have made sure to eat the same way each day so I can accurately compare the results. I've had loss of feeling in all fingertips with tingling from elbows down periodically, fatique, irritability, vision has gone downhill in a short 9 months (focus problems/blurry) and 35 pounds of weightloss in under two months with no effort or exercise. As far as my testing numbers....this is what puzzles me and (in my mind) makes me justify that I'm "O.K.". Some days I will never go above 145 and others, I stay between 160 and 230 or so. The other night after dinner, I checked in at 237 and 30 minutes later was 79. Last night, however, was the highest reading which is what brings me here to this post. My level was 397. It was 11:00 pm and I was very, very tired and decided to check before I went to bed. I checked it 45 minutes later it was down to 297. I woke up this morning and checked it at 92. The non diabetic- can the numbers get this high? I have tirelessly searched for this home a1c to purchase at drug stores but nobody has them. I know I need to get into the doctor for blood work but money is tight (single mom) and I'm trying to get an idea with home tests...I hate to jump to conclusions and rush to the doctor if I don't really need to. Any feedback/help/advice would be most appreciated.

  2. susan62450

    Sounds like you should be sitting on the doctor's door step to be first in line. You gave all the symptoms I had when I was diagnosed w/type 1 in 1977. Don't wait a single day longer. Find you a good endo doctor - - - and quick! What you don't know WILL hurt you.

  3. RichyB

    I agree, get yourself to the doctor.
    How much does it cost to see a doctor in the USA?

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