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See meter on Apple: http://apple.co/2mCXuAB Check out meter & OneDrop Premium: http://onedrop.today One Drop is a new Diabetes glucose monitor that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to sync with the fantastic One Drop mobile app. Visit our website at www.MAOmagic.com for more technology reviews, tutorials, and cool tech!

One Drop Glucose Meter Review And Giveaway: Unlimited Test Strips

A meter that comes with unlimited test strips is a win for anyone with diabetes. One that comes with a slick app and a leather holder might also be enough to convince you to transition to One Drop, because AT LAST this everyday, every-meal apparatus that you lug around come sunny day, rainy commute, sweaty bike ride doesn’t come in a nylon, made-in-Taiwan, black zippered bag. At last. My One Drop meter arrived inside a gleaming silver box. When I flipped it open, I was greeted with components that might look more appropriate at Best Buy then a pharmacy. Perhaps a functional tool on a cocktail bar? The black leather holder is stitched in red and snugly lined up in the holster are test strips, meter and lancet gleaming in space age silver. “There’s no cool diabetes gear.” Jeff Dachis, CEO and founder of One Drop, said two years ago, right before he launched the One Drop app and the Bluetooth-enabled chrome meter. Dachis had been thinking of this problem since 2013, when he found out he had type-one diabetes. “There’s no waves for diabetes, no collective, collaborative crowd sourced way to bring diabetics together,” said Dachis, who, although diagnosed late in life, knew Continue reading >>

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  1. Seetha Kalyani

    I would recommend the following glucometers as them have good reviews and more popular in India.

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Glucometers Reviews - Best Glucometers 1. Accu Chek Performa Glucometer Kit with 110 Test Strips 2. Precision Xtra NFR Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Packaging May Vary) 3. FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter

Glucometers For Testing Blood Sugar

Home testing of your cat's blood glucose (sugar) levels provides the best means of getting the diabetes under control. Simple testers called glucometers allow home testing. Which one should you use? At-home monitoring of blood glucose Human diabetic patients typically use inexpensive blood glucose monitoring systems to check their blood glucose levels. This provides immediate feedback to the patient and provides the doctor with invaluable information for ongoing treatment decisions. FelineDiabetes.com and its subsidiary, FDMB, were on the forefront of recommending that owners of diabetic cats use the same glucose meters designed for human diabetics as a simple, rapid, pain-free method of getting immediate and accurate blood sugars on diabetic pets. There are abundant advantages of home glucose testing, especially that the cat is in its natural home environment, thus diminishing the role of stress on blood glucose values. Samples can be obtained easily in cats using an inexpensive "human" glucometer purchased in a pharmacy. Repeated sampling is easily performed. The results are a true measure of blood glucose at the time of the test (Proceedings of the 19th ACVIM Forum, Abstract #10 Continue reading >>

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  1. CoachMarla

    I attended the LowCarb USA Conference in San Diego last month and it was a great conference. One of the vendors was a new company, KetoMojo, selling what they are promoting to be the Ketonian’s dream meter. Although there was not an actual meter on hand at the booth to touch and play with, the founder was really enthusiastic and really convincing so I ordered the meter. What “sold” me was the promise of its improved accuracy over other meters and the price of the ketone strips. I got a special $.99/strip for life deal for ordering so early but even at regular price, the test strips are still much cheaper than even what I’m paying through a Canadian pharmacy for the strips for my Abbott Precision Xtra (around $2.20/per strip). In summary… better accuracy? Cheaper strips? And the glucose strips will also give me a read for hemoglobin and hematocrit? Sign me up!
    The meter arrived yesterday and, I have to be honest, I am underwhelmed. I’ve been following keto for a while so I’m in that place where my body is actually using the ketones and my numbers tend to run low. My fasting ketones run .3 or .4. The KetoMojo meter just read “Lo” while my Precision gave me the .4 read. This made me read all of the small print that came with my meter and test strips that wasn’t available at the conference. It turns out that the increased accuracy over other meters is really at ketone levels above 2.0 mmol/L. For someone like me who tends to run on the low side, that’s not especially helpful.
    I appreciate that the initial kit came with 10 ketone strips but it includes no glucose strips. The hemoglobin and hematocrit readings are part of the glucose reading, not the ketone reading, which means that if you’re actually interested in those numbers you need to be testing your glucose. This fact also gives me concerns about the “sell” on this meter. Part of the accuracy claim the company made was that BECAUSE it takes hemoglobin and hematocrit into consideration, that is what gives the more accurate glucose and ketone reading. However, the machine doesn’t give you the hemoglobin and hematocrit readings with the ketone strips which makes me wonder if that claim is only relevant to the glucose test. I have glucose strips on order and I’m anxious to see how the numbers compare across machines for this one.

    At the conference, the founder talked about how the second version of this meter is already in the works. If I had it do do over again, I’d probably wait for the next generation machine… or the one after that. It seems like a great company and the owner seems like a hard-working, legitimate-intentioned guy so I hate the idea of hurting his business in any way by not recommending the first version of this meter. Nonetheless, so far I can say I wouldn’t recommend this meter.

  2. PrimalBrian

    Thanks for this review. I received mine, too, but haven’t dove in yet. I was somewhat miffed that the directions told me about calibrating with test solution, but such solution wasn’t included and I can’t find it on the website? I wonder if I’m looking in the wrong spot.

    I’m also not thrilled to hear you got a .4 on your other meter and a “LO” on this device. Hm.

  3. CoachMarla

    There was a reference in the instruction booklet to information about the solution being under “Maintenance.” I haven’t looked at that yet, either. My testing took an inordinate period of time this morning because I had to figure out that the button for running the settings program is underneath the battery cover… not intuitive but clearly spelled out in the instructions if I had only looked the first time!

    Please post what you think of the meter when you get ramped up. I’d be interested in any aspect of my perspective that needs adjusting. I always struggle with what is “realistic” criticism and what is me having my expectations too high to start with. :-(

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Talk Is Cheap, But Access Is Golden

Checking your blood glucose when you have visual impairment can be challenging. In recognition of this, NFB Resolution 97-12 was adopted at the 1997 annual convention and called on meter manufacturers to make their meters speech accessible. Since then, and especially in the past few years, a number of talking blood glucose meters have been introduced. These new meters are smaller, faster, and much less expensive than older choices, require only a tiny drop of blood, and are easier to use. However, buyer beware! While these meters are being aggressively marketed to blind and low vision users, only the Prodigy Voice is totally accessible. Despite the hype, you will find that you need sighted assistance to use essential functions such as time and date, and memory review on many of these products. The Prodigy Voice, however, is accessible in all aspects. It is the only talking meter with a repeat button for the last message spoken, an external headphone port, audible memory and setup menus, and a customer service staff trained especially to assist blind and low vision customers. It was developed in close consultation with blind and low vision diabetics in the National Federation of the Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. chrmyr

    Looking for thoughts on Glucose Meters. I use the AlphaTrak 2 right now. But I came across the Advocate Pet Test and iPet Monitors. The test strips for both are much cheaper than those for the Alpha. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they reliable?
    Always looking for ways to cut costs but do not want it to affect the level of care Luna is given.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. jesse girl

    this is a difficult question to answer . what i have seen on the forum is many individual opinions on what those individuals are doing to attain there success for their particular dogs
    As a consensus people may say human meters read lower than true blood sugar i had a human meter compared to the vets analyzer that red higher by quite a bit
    i did a comparison 6 months back with the one touch ultra and jesse's human meter with 50 strips for each and the meters compared very well . numbers were consistent and made sense . now can i say that they have true accuracy ? no i cant so i correlate physical symptoms . I know how she acts when shes low or high dropping or rising and i can correlate that with her meter readings
    her symptoms of diabetes with more urination and drinking in excess has not showed since those early days
    I guess you could get some urine strips which is accurate as far as it is testing for for sugar in the urine unlike blood test which doesnt test for glucose in the blood but it just gives a previous time in history of what blood sugar was it cant give you an exact number but just a range but that may also be a way of comparing because if the urine strips are only testing in a higher range and the meter is getting mostly much lower numbers than you maybe able to draw some conclusions on accuracy
    Probably the only true way to compare is against a lab analyzer and you need multiple comparisons in a higher and lower range .
    so for me its consistency and if the numbers make sense . back to back tests can be helpful but remember there can be a human error with testing and maybe the bodies metabolism may affect outcome as we mention meters dont directly test glucose in the blood . Many times it is just a guide and points us in a direction to go
    my jesse has not had a hypo event (knock on wood ) and i believe testing blood sugar with her human meter has helped allot with that
    i dont think using multiple meters over the long haul is productuctive but focusing on one after you decided whats best for you

  3. MomofGus

    I have been using my Advocate Pettest meter here recently instead of the AlphaTrak 2 because of the cost of the strips. The meter was very inexpensive and strips are half the cost as AlphaTrak, and BG readings in comparison are very close (at least for my dog). There is a thread on here about the Advocate meter where there are comparison readings posted by myself and other members. I don't know anything about the iPet meter. Never heard of it. I ordered the Advocate from Countryside Pet Supply, and get the strips cheaper from Amazon for around $22 a box. At the time, I got the meter for $9.95.

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