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Wonderful Diet For High Blood Sugar Levels

Wonderful Diet for High Blood Sugar Levels In a single line, favoring Low glycemic index foods is the best High blood sugar diet a person with Diabetes can follow. If you are experiencing high blood sugar levels all the time, then there might be definitely something wrong with your diet.But remember Diet alone is not responsible for High Blood sugar levels. EliminateAnimal products, Minimize intake of vegetable oils and Favor Low glycemic index foods. Come let us dig deeper into What all can you eat happily without raising your blood sugar levels. If your Blood suagr levels are consistently high , You should Monitor blood sugar levels more frequently to understand the following Which foods are leading to high blood sugar. On which time of the day your blood sugar levels are high Is stress leading to high blood sugar levels ? If you need to see a doctor to revise your dosage of medication you take. Low Glycemic index diet combined with moderate exercise can do wonders , you can read the story of a 46 year old diagnosed as diabetic 5 years ago is managing his blood sugar levels wihout medication High Blood Sugar Diet alone may not help The Biggest culprit of raising blood sugar leve Continue reading >>

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  1. Hokulele

    ... get the three hour test done right away (as in Thursday, two days from now). OR wait until next Thursday and use the week between to try to get my body more balanced??
    And, if it is possible to get my body more balanced... how would I go about doing that?
    My blood levels this morning, at the 1 hr test, were 165. They told me anything above a 140 is recommended for the 3 hour test. But I really don't have an idea for how bad 165 is. And how much chance I have of actually passing the 3 hour test. But if there are things I could do to raise my chances of passing it, I want to do them.
    Could the high number this morning have had something to do with the fact that I ate a lot of sugar last night? (I had a candy bar, some ice cream and honey nut cereal... I know, stupid but I was having huge cravings!)

  2. Kleine Hexe

    I choose to decline the GD tests. Good luck in whatever you do.

  3. kamesennin

    I don't know much about the test--I passed mine by one point but I still might have to go on insulin because my fasting blood sugars are high. I would take it in two days so you are not stressing about it for an entire week, but I doubt if you could do enough to really change how your body reacts to the drink. If you drastically change your diet that might cause you to fail also because you're getting shocked with all that sugar at one time. Is there a way to bypass the second test and just agree to do the daily testing and GD diet?

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