Blood Sugar Won't Go Down Type 2

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Hacking Diabetes

NOTE: The top part of this post is background and basics. If you are a diabetic who wants the advanced techniques, they are further down a bit. Being a Type 1 diabetic sucks. But, if you know anyone who is diabetic then you likely already know that. Over the last twenty years I've tried many different drugs, diets, techniques, and hacks all meant to keep me alive as long as possible. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, liver failure, kidney failure and a bunch of other stuff that also sucks. It would be really awesome to die of regular old age rather than some complication of diabetes. Every few months a diabetic should get a blood test call an hA1c that is a measure of long term blood sugar control. A normal person's A1C is between 4% and 6% which roughly corresponds to a 3 month average blood sugar of between 70 and 120mg/dl, which is great. My A1c has been around 6.0 to 6.7 which is under the American Diabetes Association's recommendation for Type 1 diabetics of 7.0, but not as low as I'd like it. Related Reading I recently redoubled my efforts and lost about 30lbs, started working out more and removed more carbohydrates by implementing a relaxed paleo diet. This, combin Continue reading >>

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  1. Artie727

    Just found this forum. Been on high doses of metaformin for the past month, blood sugar gets as high as 441 for no apparent reason. Went to a new Dr. yesterday, he perscribed more metaformin and glipizide. Today 2 hrs. after a small breakfast of cornflakes blood sugar still in the 400's. Is it possible that with type 2 diabetes I could have ketoacidosis. Is there a self test available through a pharmacy w/o a presciption? Dr did take blood for lab work but he didn't tell me what for. results should be in tomorrow or friday.
    Look forward to participating with you guys and gals.
    Artie Perilloux

  2. rosequartz

    you can buy test strips at the pharmacy to test for ketones

  3. Cora1003

    Hi Artie. If your sugars continue to be so high, you need to see the doc, or if you remain in the 300s or 400s, go to the ER. Has your doctor checked you for type 1? It is always a possibility no matter what your age. In that case, the oral meds will not help and you will need insulin.
    Welcome, feel free to ask lots of questions, and keep us posted. Don't forget that it can take 6 weeks to 2 months to get the full effect of the oral meds. Have you significantly cut carbs out of your diet? Cornflakes are very refined carbs. If you are going to go carby for breakfast, you should at least stick with something that contains a lot of fiber to lower the spike in blood sugar.

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